FanSpeak 10/20/02

Sunday, October 20, 2002

'Cats are the real deal

ALL THIS hype about Notre Dame volleyball. You need to get out of your own back yard and come check out the Leopold Wildcats. That's the team from the area that you'll see bringing home a state championship trophy. Come out and cover Leopold vs. Notre Dame on Oct. 24. We'll see who's the better team.

Cards caught a break

I'M SITTING here watching the NLCS and this is a travesty. Evidently somebody is trying to give this thing to St. Louis because the pitcher has knocked people down twice. He should have been warned and thrown out of the game. Then the man stood right in the way and blocked a man from coming home which would have given a run. Third, they just got a blatant call at third base -- it was so blatant, it was unreal. I know everybody around here, in this part of the country, is rooting for the Cardinals whether they deserve it or not.

Love those Indians

ALL OF these frustrating years of Southeast football seem to have come to an end. It's time to support the Indians in their quest for an OVC crown. Go Indians!

And now you know

CENTRAL SOCCER, join the club on the Southeast Missourian not giving good coverage. However, I have noticed your soccer has a lot more information than Delta softball and other Delta sports. They omitted Rebecca Cook's game as the winning pitcher for a district semifinal game.

Good job, team

I WOULD like to congratulate the St. Augustine School volleyball team for its second-place finish in their league at New Hamburg this past weekend. To all of those who observed the games, we hope that some peoples' actions do not solely reflect the true spirit and love that is with in our school.

You couldn't wave?

I THINK the Central fans and everybody in Cape Girardeau should be ashamed of the behavior of the fans, if that's what you want to call them, at the Cape-Jackson football game. They booed the Jackson band. They refused to wave to the Jackson fans at the game. It is tradition they are to wave to each other. They were rude and insensitive.

Happy surfing

EXCELLENT JOB keeping local sports news on your Web site. I like how you've kept area football stats and scores updated. Being from out of town, I appreciate seeing everything online.

No sport support

WITH ALL the media attention going into the Southeast-EIU game, I thought we'd see banners and "Go Southeast" signs around town. How disappointing.

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