Speak Out 10/18/02

Friday, October 18, 2002

DDT in our water

A CALLER said DDT didn't work before because it got in the water and affected the fish. If you use DDT to get rid of the all the different kinds of bugs that hurt plants, when it rains or when you water your crops it is going to eventually get into our water. There's no way to stop such runoff from any field. We really should not use DDT again because it would still get in our water.

Respect for event

AS A citizen of Jackson, I attended the POW/MIA remembrance walk and ceremony at Brookside Park recently. I've been reading a lot of comments in the paper blaming the coaches and the ball players for the interruption and loud noise during a very solemn ceremony, which was bad. But I can't blame the coaches and players, because they were not told ahead of time that this was going to be going on the same day as the ball tournaments. I'm sure had the fans and players been told, they would have stopped the game and joined a very touching ceremony honoring our missing in action and prisoners of war.

Focus on Afghanistan

IF I were a family member of victims of the terrorist attacks in New York, I would feel cheated by the president. His vengeance seems to be against Iraq. It was Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan that destroyed those buildings and murdered those people, but the president is giving them second place. Is it because there's more oil in Iraq for Saddam Hussein? The president should get his priorities straight. I think he ought to take care of the business in Afghanistan first.

Another ordinance

SINCE THEY are finally enforcing the sidewalk ordinance, they need to enforce the ordinance regarding parking on the wrong side of the street and facing oncoming traffic.

Eating habits

THE PUBLIC schools are teaching all the students poor eating habits because of the short time they give them to eat. Can't they at least let them have a 45-minute lunch period? They need it.

Open-minded callers

IF IT were President Clinton who was wanting to wage a war against Saddam Hussein like President Bush is apparently wanting to do, all you people would say that the draft dodger is too chicken to fight himself but wants to risk other young lives. If it's a Republican, everything's OK with you people. But just let a Democrat or particularly Bill Clinton do it, he's a draft dodger and wants to send others off to war. How open-minded can you get?

Different perspective

IT'S NOT stupid parents. We're not talking a child's truck that you've given a child to play with and he throws the truck across the room and you as the parent take away and set it up on the shelf. We're talking chemical weapons. We're talking countless U.S. soldiers' lives that will be lost. We're talking long-term war. If you read any of the Republican mailings, one of the survey questions is "Are you prepared for long-term war?" This is not something to be simplistic about, and I resent the cartoons on the Perspectives page without balance. Thank goodness someone has the guts to speak up and not just give George Bush the green light on everything. I'm particularly proud of Al Gore. I don't really care for Dick Gephardt or Tom Daschle, but I think it is good that they speak out and give a different perspective.

Go for child support

I WOULD like to make a comment on the cigarette tax that's supposed to be going to help the welfare of the children. Why don't we just go after the fathers for child support? I know a guy who lives in Cape County who has over 15 children and he's only paying about $150 for one child because he signed away his parental rights. Now taxpayers are picking up the tab on the other 14 children. I think Missouri needs to go after the fathers who owe child support and lock them up if they refuse to pay.

THIS IS a wake-up call for the people in Missouri. I see where three businesses have closed in Cape. They remind me of 1929-30 when we had a Republican president. I know most of you don't remember him because you're too young. So if you want another depression, you can just go ahead and vote Republican.

THERE ARE many nice subdivisions. There are middle-income to high-income subdivisions around golf courses. The contractors and builders did this without any TIF money. I think the developers of Prestwick Plantation should do the same. TIF funds are for bettering a community which would include bringing in industry or new jobs, not for a fancy, rich neighborhood with a golf course. That won't help anyone in Cape at all. Please don't let them get this money.

Tutoring other teachers

CENTRAL HIGH School has a math teacher who is very good and liked by most all of the students. I wonder why they can't have him tutor all the rest of the math teachers so that they would know how to teach the other children math. Then everybody would be happy.

Neighborhood watch

I JUST saw some of my neighbors picking up trash. That's something all of us could do that's good.

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