Lipke closes financial gap against Miller

Friday, October 18, 2002

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- In just one month, Republican Scott Lipke nearly erased the substantial financial advantage previously held by Democrat Chuck Miller in the contest for the 157th District seat in the House of Representatives.

His account dwindled after winning a competitive GOP primary, Lipke had about $15,300 less on hand than Miller as of Aug. 31. However, Lipke raised more than four times as much as Miller in September, the period covered by the latest campaign finance disclosure reports.

Lipke, of Jackson, collected $18,900 during that month while spending $1,751.91 and was left with $19,166.33 in the bank as of Sept. 30.

Miller, of Oriole, raised $4,615, spent $1,477.28 and had $20,481.33 on hand, about $1,300 more than Lipke.

Libertarian Timothy Doubledee of Jackson will also be on the Nov. 5 ballot for the seat. He has filed a statement that he intends to spend no more than $500.

State and local elected officials gave Lipke a combined $2,725. Among those donating the maximum of $300 for a House race were Republican state Reps. Rod Jetton of Marble Hill, Rob Mayer of Dexter, Pat Naeger of Perryville and David Schwab of Jackson, who currently represents the 157th District. Other officeholders giving the limit were Cape Girardeau County Administrator Phyllis Schwab, U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson and Jackson school board member T. Wayne Lewis.

Interest groups donated Lipke a total of $2,825. Maximum contributors included the Missouri Realtors, the state Chamber of Commerce, the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, the Missouri Bankers Association, Missouri Medical and the Rely on Your Beliefs Fund of Washington, D.C.

Elected officials and interests groups together accounted for approximately 29 percent of the money Lipke received in the last period. Private individuals and businesses provided the rest of his contributions.

Miller collected $2,100 from interest groups, primarily unions, and another $375 from elected officials or Democratic groups, included a maximum donation from the Cape Girardeau County Democratic Central Committee. Such contributions were nearly 54 percent of his total take.

The 157th District covers Jackson and northern Cape Girardeau County plus most of rural Perry County.

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Itemized contributions to candidates for state representative in the 157th District for the reporting period of Sept. 1 through Sept. 30. Listed are donor, city of residence and amount:SCOTT LIPKE, R-JACKSON

Jetton for Speaker Pro Tem, Jefferson City, $300; John Jordan, Jackson, $50; Tom Sachse, Friedheim, $50; Missourians for Mayer, Dexter, $300; Express Scripts, Maryland Heights, $250; Vera Lenz, Jackson, $300; David Schwab, Jackson, $300; Phyllis Schwab, Jackson, $300; Kristi Nitsche, Sedgewickville, $50; Martin Haupt, Cape Girardeau, $25; Orville and Mary Birk, Jackson, $50; Team Emerson, Cape Girardeau, $300; Ruppel Auto Service, Jackson, $100; Dodd McClellan, Jackson, $300; Randall Stahly, Cape Girardeau, $50; William Schabbing, Jackson, $25; Richard Aufdenberg, Burfordville, $50; Dwight Johnson, Jackson, $150; Joda Bess, Cape Girardeau, $75; Teresa O'Loughlin, Oak Ridge, $50; Deborah Crader, Jackson, $25; Clarice Jones, Jackson, $300; Phyllis Schwab, Cape Girardeau, $50; Johnson & Stark, Cape Giradeau, $100; Kee Park, Jackson, $300; Citizens for Peter Myers, Sikeston, $200; Dix Morgan, Cape Girardeau, $50; Household, Prospect Heights, Ill., $300; Kay Thompson, Jackson, $25; Missouri Court Reporters Association, Florissant, $200; General American Life Association, Jefferson City, $150; Jeff Dix, Cape Girardeau, $300; Amy Jones, Jackson, $100; Robert Henrichs, Jackson, $100; Brigitte Bollerslev, Jackson, $100; T. Wayne Lewis, Jackson, $300; Kathy Jordan, Jackson, $50; Veronica Hershey, Perryville, $100; Michelle Flath, Jackson, $25; Georganne Syler, Cape Girardeau, $50; Jerry Stone, Cape Girardeau, $50; Larry Lipke, Jackson, $300; Realators PAC, Columbia, $300; Penzel Construction Co. Inc., Jackson, $200; AGC MO, Jefferson City, $200; Jackson Publishing Co. Inc., Jackson, $300; Curt Page, Jackson, $300; David Butler, Cape Girardeau, $300; Michael Deimund, Cape Girardeau, $300; Missouri Chamber of Commerce PAC, Jefferson City, $300; Rely on Your Beliefs Fund, Washington, D.C., $300; MATA, Jefferson City, $300; Morley Swingle, Cape Girardeau, $50; Carl Hendrickson, St. Louis, $100; Audrey Humes, Jackson, $15; Albert Lowes, Cape Girardeau, $200; Gary and Annie Evans, Jackson, $25; Cindy Knudtson, Cape Girardeau, $75; Jerry Lorberg, Gordonville, $25; John Tlapek, Cape Girardeau, $50; Beussink Brothers Woodworks Inc., Jackson, $15; Deborah Clifton, Cape Girardeau, $25; Steve Griffith, Cape Girardeau, $15; MBA Ozark Region PAC, Jefferson City, $200; Gerry Jones, Jackson, $100; Ron Wahlers, Jackson, $300; Mary Bell Kapp, Cape Girardeau, $300; William Bess, Jackson, $300; Michael Kasten, Millersville, $100; Cindy Slinkard, Jackson, $50; Candy Swingle, Cape Girardeau, $50; Larry Humes, Jackson, $15; Jay Knudtson, Cape Girardeau, $75; Barbara Lorberg, Gordonville, $25; John Clifton, Cape Girardeau, $25; Jacqeuline Griffith, Cape Girardeau, $15; MBA River Heritage Region PAC, Jefferson City, $300; Amy Jones, Jackson, $100; Virginia Wahlers, Jackson, $300; William Kapp III, Cape Girardeau, $300; Paul Slinkard, Jackson, $50; Missouri Cable PAC, Independence, $275; Joan Asher, Jackson, $100; Patricia McDonald, Jackson, $50; Midwest Construction, Jackson, $100; Cheryl Sachse, Friedheim, $50; Roy Brown, Jackson, $50; Ramiro Icaza, Jackson, $300; Kenny Pincksten, Cape Girardeau, $250; Keith Holloway, Cape Girardeau, $50; Kyle Brost, Cape Girardeau, $100; Sally Lipke, Jackson, $300; Keith Deimund, Cape Girardeau, $300; Citizens for Naeger, Perryville, $300; Jackie Morgan, Cape Girardeau, $50; Stan Thompson, Jackson, $25; Henning Bollerslev, Jackson, $100; Randy Flath, Cape Girardeau, $25; Nancy Stone, Cape Girardeau, $50; Kelly Poore, Jackson, $300; Ken Asher, Jackson, $100; E.F. McDonald Jr., Jackson, $50; Matthew LaValle, Jackson, $150; Larry Bock, Gordonville, $150; Karen McClellan, Jackson, $300; Patricia Stahly, Cape Girardeau, $50; Carol Schabbing, Jackson, $25; Judy Aufdenburg, Burfordville, $50; Charlotte Bess, Cape Girardeau, $75; Tom O'Loughlin, Oak Ridge, $50; Stanley Crader, Jackson, $25; Jerry Schwab, Cape Girardeau, $50; Kathy Johnson, Jackson, $150; Susan Park, Jackson, $300; Charles Cozean, Cape Girardeau, $100; Kevin Coe, Jackson, $50; L. Fritz Sander, Jackson, $50; Emily LaValle, Jackson, $150; Shirley Bock, Gordonville, $150; Jane Boren, Jackson, $50; Missouri Medical PAC, Jefferson City, $300; Dianna Icaza, Jackson, $300; Cathy Pinksten, Cape Girardeau, $250; Kathy Holloway, Cape Girardeau, $50; Marjorie Deimund, Cape Girardeau, $300; Charles Cozean, Cape Girardeau, $100; Kris Coe, Jackson, $50; Linda Lewis, Jackson, $300; Mrs. Charles Cozean, Cape Girardeau, $100.CHUCK MILLER, D-ORIOLE

Christie Baldwin, Jackson, $25; Cape Girardeau County Democratic Central Committee, Jackson, $300; CHIPP Political Fund, St. Louis, $300; Don Shrum, Cape Girardeau, $50; Tammy Gwaltney, Cape Girardeau, $25; Mary Noland, Jackson, $25; Mildred Watkins, Cape Girardeau, $100; Rodney Miller, Millersville, $50; Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Cleveland, Ohio, $300; Tranportation Political Education League, Cleveland, Ohio, $300; Hoisting Engineers Local 513, Bridgeton, $300; Gloria Kiehne, Jackson, $25; Don Shaner, Cape Girardeau, $50; Gary McDowell, Jackson, $20; IBEW-COPE, Washington, D.C., $300; Van Ayers, Cape Girardeau, $25; Laborers Local 1104, Cape Girardeau, $300; Nancy Ayers, Cape Girardeau, $50; John and Bekki Cook, Cape Girardeau, $300; Marvin Proffer, St. Louis, $200; House Capitol Democrats Inner Circle, Jefferson City, $25; Robert Aubuchon, Jackson, $20; Tom Jones, Jackson, $50; Patty Menz, Jackson, $100; Kenneth Christensen, Perryville, $20; Becky Aubuchon, Lutz, Fla., $100; Louise Hart, Jackson, $100; Ronald McDowell, Jackson, $100; Jerry Oliver, Jackson, $30; Anton Schneier, Perryville, $25; Benning Motor Co., Chester, Ill., $300; David and Pat Summers, Cape Girardeau, $100; Benning Motor Co., Jackson, $300; Sheet Metal Workers International Association, St. Louis, $300.

SOURCE: Finance disclosure reports filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission

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