With little fanfare, Stewart makes brief appearance

Friday, October 18, 2002

HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Most celebrities who came to the International Home Furnishings Market -- Jaclyn Smith, Kevin Sorbo, Lauren Bacall -- arrived with some fanfare, with news releases promoting their appearances.

But Martha Stewart slipped into town quietly Wednesday and addressed only a select crowd of furniture retailers. She made a few comments about her new furniture line to reporters and did not take any questions.

Her Martha Stewart Signature Furniture collection, produced by Lenoir-based Bernhardt Furniture Co., will hit the stores in March.

Stewart said the idea for the Signature collection began a few years ago.

In addition to furniture, the Signature collection also includes linens, flooring and fabric in the colors that are often highlighted in Stewart's magazines and television shows.

Stewart also sampled local cuisine, popping into the local Krispy Kreme to buy two dozen doughnuts. Employees said she also bought doughnuts and coffee for other customers.

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