Bankruptcies for October 2002

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Bankruptcies filed through Oct. 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Archie, Edina, East Prairie, 11458

Bain, Timothy S., Dexter, 11369

Baker, Helen M. and Rodney L., Cape Girardeau, 11393

Ballard, Colleen M. and Olen G., Jackson, 11438

Bell, Linda D. and Timothy J., Cape Girardeau, 11320

Bell, Matthew J., Portageville, 11370

Bertrand, Charles D., Cape Girardeau, 11396

Bixler, Amanda L., Scott City, 11355

Bixler, James R., Chaffee, 11355

Bixler, Michael A. and Tammy A., New Madrid, 11306

Boen, Donna L. and Walter L., Poplar Bluff, 11388

Boese, Boyce B. and Kimberly R., Chaffee, 11412

Boland, Clayton, Advance, 11468

Bramlett, Karen L., Cape Girardeau, 11420

Brandon, Karolyn C., Cape Girardeau, 11387

Brashear, Douglas M. and Tresea M., Sikeston, 11391

Briney, Jerry M. and Shauna K., Harviell, 11303

Brooks, Helen E. and Phillip D., Fredericktown, 11345

Brown, Jeris J. and Robert L., Morley, 11349

Brown, Leander D. Jr. and Sharon M., Perryville, 11327

Brown, Margie and Robert, Steele, 11445

Bullington, Christopher A. and Jennifer A., Caruthersville, 11366

Burkman, Roger D., Dexter, 11421

Burns, Ronald C., Piedmont, 11319

Campbell, Derald K. and Lois R., Sikeston, 11404

Campbell, Mark A. and Renee L., Cape Girardeau, 11394

Cayo, Kenneth J., Poplar Bluff, 11301

Chavez, Jennifer M. and Robert A., Poplar Bluff, 11332

Clark, Misty M. and Trafton C., Cape Girardeau, 11422

Coffman, Brandon H., Oak Ridge, 11346

Collier, Susan L. L., Dexter, 11292

Conder, Angela D. and Scott S., Perryville, 11348

Cooper, Pamela G. and Sherry E., Chaffee, 11433

Crockett, Davy D. and Kimberly A., Dexter, 11430

Cronan, Gloria B., Malden, 11431

Croney, Wilbert E., Greenville, 11389

Crossman, Barry E., Poplar Bluff, 11318

Currie, Michael R., Dexter, 11326

Dailey, Tamala K., Marquand, 11379

Dakin, Robert J., Cape Girardeau, 11309

Dalton Petroleum, Inc., Hayti, 11293

Darnell, Joseph K., Steele, 11429

Davis, Johnny L., Malden, 11426

Davis, Joshua D., Caruthersville, 11451

Day, Homer, Clarkton, 11325

Denny, Christopher K. and Robin L., Puxico, 11444

DePaw, Bonnie J. and Chad W., Kennett, 11450

Deshazier, Lynn M., Cape Girardeau, 11408

Dinning, Janie M., Caruthersville, 11363

Dobbs, Marsha K. and Norman E., Perryville, 11356

Dockery, Cinnamon L. and John Jr., Advance, 11402

Dorris, Michael R., East Prairie, 11423

Dunbar, Helen D., Poplar Bluff, 11296

Edwards, Reuben E. and Ruby J., Cape Girardeau, 11399

Eftink, Margaret C., Sikeston, 11331

Ellsworth, Kathy L., Dexter, 11335

Estate of Ted J. Fisher, Poplar Bluff, 11312

Fike, Howard B., Hayti, 11461

Finch, Jimmie G. and Patricia K., Fredericktown, 11373

Fisher Screw Machine Products, Inc., Poplar Bluff, 11314

Friedline, Cheyenne R., Ellsinore, 11372

Friedline, Shannon G., Qulin, 11372

Friedrich, Angela D. and Gerald W., Sikeston, 11351

Gardner, Josephine L. and Russell G., Kennett, 11453

Garner, Shawn C. and Sherri R., Naylor, 11443

Giardina, Dino D., Perryville, 11328

Goodin, Scott M., Cape Girardeau, 11392

Gordon, Carol L., Cape Girardeau, 11344

Gordon, Helen M. and Richard L., Poplar Bluff, 11294

Green, Judy L. and Roy E., Bell City, 11467

Gromer, Janie L., Bernie, 11414

Hagerty, Charles P. and Gina L., Cape Girardeau, 11317

Halliburton, Carol A. and James E., Poplar Bluff, 11390

Hamly, Cynthia G. and Frederick N., Oxly, 11424

Harrington, LaJuana R., Sikeston, 11350

Hays, Tamie L., Scott City, 11397

Hickam, Dorothy M., Jackson, 11435

Hicks, Paul, Cape Girardeau, 11432

Hitze, Alice E. and James J., Naylor, 11371

Howard, Tony, Portageville, 11459

Howell, Betty J., Steele, 11455

Howerton, Niki D. and Glenn H., Doniphan, 11457

Hurt, Scott L., Jackson, 11437

Ivory, Sean T., Sikeston, 11340

Jackson, Coraletta A. and James C., Sikeston, 11289

Jackson, Gloria J., Lilbourn, 11341

Jimmerson, Brenda J., Matthews, 11337

Johnson, Elizabeth D. and James L. Jr., Cape Girardeau, 11436

Kemp, Rebecca A., Holcomb, 11299

Kent, Lee R. and Marsha L., Dexter, 11463

King, Wendell G., Cape Girardeau, 11383

Kinsey, Sharon, New Madrid, 11448

Kolwyck, Karen S. and Richard A., New Madrid, 11338

Kolwyck, Lisa A. and Richard A., Morehouse, 11442

Krueger, Heather R. and Jason C., Cape Girardeau, 11347

Lance, George F. Sr. and Roxanne M., Marston, 11336

Latting, Michael R., Cardwell, 11454

Leal-Leon, Hector E., Steele, 11365

Ledford, Lisa L., Caruthersville, 11361

Lewis, James and Jeannette, Fredericktown, 11357

Lewis, Jamie L. and William B., Bertrand, 11401

Lundy, William D., Piedmont, 11375

Lunyou, Regina L., Cape Girardeau, 11407

Maine, Julie M., Cape Girardeau, 11374

Marcus-Wells, Carol D. and Timothy L., Mill Spring, 11415

Martin, Blanche E. and Carl A., Kennett, 11456

Mayfield, Gene R. and Jennifer J., Scott City, 11419

McCain, Donna G. and Otis V., Holcomb, 11297

McKinley, Charles J. and Sonya L., Bertrand, 11410

Melcher, Brent and Lisa, Naylor, 11334

Merideth, Mark W., East Prairie, 11343

Miller, Lisa A. and William G., East Prairie, 11307

Miller, Shannon P., Dexter, 11465

Mouser, Lisa R. and Rodney G., Marble Hill, 11462

Nelson, Larry and Linda, Portageville, 11446

Norris, Johnny A. and Sherlene T., Portageville, 11342

Nowlin, Donna L., Steele, 11364

O'Neal, Carolyn D. and Russ D., Doniphan, 11411

Ohlmutz, Thomas C., Cape Girardeau, 11406

Ormsby, Andrew A. Jr. and Mickie J., Sikeston, 11368

Palmer, Angela M. and James R., Old Appleton, 11395

Pangelinan, Eva S. and Vincent P., Perryville, 11329

Parker, Jon C. and Kara S., East Prairie, 11291

Perkins, Jimmy L. and Mary L., East Prairie, 11308

Petot, Betty L. and William N., Perryville, 11352

Porter, Armand L. and Laura A., Matthews, 11386

Portwood, Bryan S., Doniphan, 11324

Powell, Malissa L. and Victor W., Scott City, 11439

Powell, Rebecca M., Jackson, 11316

Ray, Albert and Diane G., Cape Girardeau, 11376

Reed, Charles, Portageville, 11447

Reed, Donald R. and Kathleen J., Bunker, 11385

Rhyne, Amanda D. and Jonathan J., Perryville, 11310

Ritter, John B., Cape Girardeau, 11409

Robinson, Charles M. and Theresa A., Chaffee, 11290

Robinson, Donna J., Piedmont, 11295

Robinson, Sally M. and Terrell E., Poplar Bluff, 11440

Rodgers, James F., Caruthersville, 11362

Rose, James C. and Linda K., Matthews, 11441

Ross, Tommy L., Clarkton, 11418

Rosson, Keith E. and Michele R., Doniphan, 11304

Routh, Herbert L. and Janice M., Van Buren, 11403

Scott, Jennifer L., Charleston, 11398

Scott, Shannon L. and Shawn A., East Prairie, 11377

Selsor, Evelyn M., Delta, 11464

Sheridan, Harold A. and Katherine L., Burfordsville, 11380

Shuffler, Billy E., Glen Allen, 11417

Simmons, Elizabeth A. and Timothy D., Jackson, 11359

Smith, Bruce W. and Carla G., Marble Hill, 11434

Smith, Eric R. and Terresa A., Cape Girardeau, 11381

Smith, Terice W., Caruthersville, 11360

Southern Assembly Services, Inc., Poplar Bluff, 11313

Southern Machine and Tool Co., Poplar Bluff, 11315

Spoor, Clarence M. and Diane, Portageville, 11339

Stephens, Gregg A., Malden, 11427

Stepp, Karen J., Bloomfield, 11413

Sutterfield, Carol A. and Douglas W., Chaffee, 11382

Sweet, Kelli S. and Randy J., Sikeston, 11405

Sweeza, Carl D. and Margaret M., Naylor, 11311

Swindle, Stephen G., Caruthersville, 11300

Swiney, Dana S., Poplar Bluff, 11378

Taylor, Mary L., Doniphan, 11305

Thomas, Deborah J., Chaffee, 11384

Thompson, Cynthia K., Portageville, 11460

Thompson, Sheila Y. and Wayne, Malden, 11298

Tinnin, Thomas W., Cape Girardeau, 11330

Underwood, Brenda F. and Ronald W., Dexter, 11321

VanPool, Larry K., Jackson, 11425

Vines, Freeman and Ruth, Holcomb, 11452

Volner, Judy K., Eureka, 11358

Walker, Cassandra A., Clarkton, 11428

Walker, Linda K. and Nolan R., Bloomfield, 11416

Warren, Michael L., Perryville, 11288

Watts, Lyn M., Perryville, 11353

Weathers, Robert L. and Thelma G., Dexter, 11323

Weir, Juan, Clarkton, 11449

Wickenhauser, Tara M., Dexter, 11466

Wiggins, John M., Doniphan, 11322

Wilkins, James M., Gatewood, 11302

Williams, Grace M., Cape Girardeau, 11400

Woods, Arthur P., Jackson, 11367

Wright, Kenneth H. and Sharon S., Qulin, 11333

Yount, Jimmy W., Patton, 11354

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