Internet delivered with S on its chest

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

By Greg Baker

Special to Business Today

If you currently utilize dial up connectivity to access the Internet then most likely you can not imagine a powerful figure wearing a cape and a logo S crashing through walls to get large files to your computer. The first time you utilize a SDSL connection in your office, you will experience what many business owners are calling super. SDSL provides speeds up to 50 times faster than an analog modem connection at the fraction of a price of traditional dedicated access services.

But isn't that what you have heard about ADSL? An asymmetrical digital subscriber line is great for power surfers at home. All xDSL services perform faster than dial up, but symmetrical DSL offers same speed capability for uploading and downloading.

This two-lane high-speed information highway opens opportunities for business class functions. For example, Web hosting, e-commerce, virtual private networking, or video conferencing are possible. Now, large email file attachment won't slow you down. You will achieve higher productivity in less time and can turn the Web into a business tool. Basically, it allows you to work more efficiently and make more money.

How fast is a business class SDSL Internet connection? What takes nine minutes on some dial-up connections takes 15 seconds on SDSL. Imagine connecting the entire office to one DSL circuit, then everyone can perform research send email and stay in touch with customers and suppliers. You would eliminate the need for multiple dial-up accounts and it doesn't tie up voice lines.

Already made the jump to broadband?

If you are fully aware of the benefits of speed, then you may want to consider an SDSL connection to replace your current T1 or Frame Relay connection. SDSL is a fraction of the cost and not reliant on local phone line service.

Taking advantage of SDSL technology for broadband Internet service has benefited anyone needing to send large files like accountants, architects, attorneys, printers, broadcasters, graphic designers and real estate agents. Many have commented that saving money on overnight delivery services has paid for their SDSL connection.

Doctors and patients are happy to learn when you combine a HIPAA compliant router with SDSL medical records can be transported without worry of security or confidentiality at lifesaving speeds.

So what's the kryptonite?

Distance. SDSL is a distance-sensitive product. Your business can only qualify for the service if you are less than 20,500 wire feet back to the central office. But like a Robin, IDSL is a good sidekick to help in the battle to move data. ISDN digital subscriber line extends the range of DSL by utilizing ISDN technologies but it is not a dial-up service. However, as a sidekick IDSL does not have the punch of the superhero. What takes nine minutes on a dial up would take two minutes with IDSL -- good but not the 15 seconds SDSL can provide.

SDSL is super in that it allows small businesses to take advantage of the high speed once priced only for the big businesses. Now the Web can be used effectively as a business tool in companies that never imagined it could be affordable or worth their time.

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