Speak out 10/16/02

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

This message is for the person who complained about "sissy college students" who apparently have no idea about warfare. For your information, the strategy of modern warfare has been changed from the trench warfare and massive ground assaults that were used by the military forces during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. In those three conflicts, technology did not allow for precision pinpoint usage of weaponry and often ended in a gross overuse and waste of ammunition. The "massive bombings" you write of are apparently a misinterpretation on your part since the new generation of bombs are used in smaller numbers simply because they are that much more effective than the carpet bombings of previous conflicts. It's apparent to me that you simply are having those glory moments where you imagine storming the enemy with both barrels blazing, and you just can't handle the fact that a "college sissy" found a method of fighting war where Americans don't have to die.

High praise

THE CITY of Jackson's parks and recreation director deserves high marks of praise for the construction of the greenhouse at the American Legion field, which was under the supervision of Shane Anderson. Growing and potting plants will be a great fund-raiser for the men and boys league. We honor your valuable expertise.

Exploiting labor

Mr. David Limbaugh, with all due respect, it is your Republican buddies in business who play the biggest role in blocking meaningful immigration reform because they make mega-bucks exploiting cheap labor from illegals.

He's not moody

Former Missouri budget director James Moody has provided the most analytical, objective and scientific analysis of the Show Me State's sad budget situation I've ever seen. It is so good, it seems like it was generated by a computer, without thought given to political partisanship, etc. In fact, the analysis was so unaffected by emotional hot button issues it is a shame that the former budget director has such a such a misleading last name.

Hot pursuit

The person who pursued a robber on the country roads deserves an award. It's about time more citizens took the law into their own hands. With the low response times of police, who try to catch speeders on the way to a call, it only makes sense. It's a shame the man didn't have a gun and could have ended it in the house and saved the taxpayers lots of money.

Not harsh enough

IF ANYONE wonders why there is so much fraud committed against the federal government, which is the taxpayers, all they need to do is read the article in Saturday morning's paper about a guy in Springfield who stole $147,000 that had been sent to his deceased uncle for veteran benefits. He got five years probation. That's really some punishment, isn't it? No wonder they hesitate to do things like this.

There's no choice

THIS IS to the person who called and criticized me for calling in about the tests on Fridays after football games. This caller says that it's an extracurricular activity and so the kids make that choice. No, band is not an extracurricular activity. Band is a course. Band is a course, and a large portion of their grade is based on their marching performance. My child is in band because they intend to be a music major at Southeast Missouri State University. They have to go to the games. They don't have any choice. So, please don't tell me it's extracurricular to be at that football game.

Cleaner streets

I'D LIKE to thank the city of Jackson and all the trash pickup guys for the idea of doing away with the containers and bagging instead. We get three for free. I've noticed the streets are a lot cleaner because there are no trash containers rolling around in the streets and the yards and the driveways. Thanks, guys.

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