Letter to the Editor

Pool users won't forget closure

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I am writing this letter in response to Southeast Missouri State University's recent descent into what appears to be total disregard for student initiative and physical fitness.

In a day when obesity and laziness abound throughout the entire structure of this great country, when the diet industry thrives, millions of people are struggling to retain lost vitality and the pharmaceutical industry is becoming the mainstay of life, it baffles my senses to discover that a great educational institution is teaching the next generation that health and physical fitness are not important.

I graduated from Southeast in May 1991. I used Parker Pool at that time. Recently, since June of this year, I have been paying for a recreational pass as an alumni. The only facility I use is the pool. If it is closed, I will have no use for a recreational pass.

I have been entertaining the idea of returning to Southeast Missouri State to obtain a master's degree, yet if there is no pool, I will go somewhere else. As a frequent user of the pool, I have had the opportunity to speak to other users of this important facility. Many of them have stated they will not attend Southeast if the pool is closed.

With the university crying for increased enrollment and financial support, I would think they should consider the outcry if they persist in this endeavor. The repercussions will be felt for a long time to come.MARK SCIROCCO

Cape Girardeau