Letter to the Editor

Mission group is impressive

I recently heard a presentation by members of the Jamaican Christian Medical Mission and was so impressed; I wonder why I haven't seen a front-page story about this group. It is so rewarding to see what a relatively small group of very enthusiastic Christians can do. They knew nothing about mission work as none of the group had been on a mission trip. They knew nothing about fund raising, and yet they decided to set up a complete clinic. They knew as a group that God was calling them to carry out this mission. They have set up medical missions in Carron Hall, Jamaica twice and are planning to go again next year. Now I learn they are also raising funds to build a clinic in the Carron Hall region, so they will have monthly health care.

What faith this must take.

The group gives full credit to God, family, friends and the generosity of area businesses. Everyone that has sponsored this organization should be very proud, they are doing a terrific job and certainly need the help.

To raise funds, they are having a dinner-dance-auction Saturday at the Arena Building in Cape Girardeau. This is a charity we all need to support and be proud of. For tickets or information, please call 334-3454.BECKIE FORD

Cape Girardeau