odds and ends 10/6

Sunday, October 6, 2002

LEBANON, Pa. -- A judge gave a potentially smelly sentence to a man who drove through farmland.

Lebanon County Judge Bradford Charles ordered 19-year-old Jason Theirwechter to do community service, preferably on a farm, and said he hopes one of Theirwechter's chores is shoveling manure.

"I want him to see exactly what that farmer went through to grow those crops," said Charles. "Someone else put his own sweat and blood into creating it and you destroyed it maliciously ... I want you to experience how difficult it is to grow crops for a living."

Probation officers said they would try to accommodate Charles' order.

Theirwechter pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, agricultural vandalism, criminal conspiracy and corruption of minors.

In addition to the community service, Charles sentenced him to 48 hours to 18 months in county prison, and said he must spend the first 45 days of parole under house arrest.

Police said they saw Theirwechter drive through the field Aug. 31, 2001.

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