Speak Out A 10/05/02

Saturday, October 5, 2002

Stop partisan politics

THIS IS a time we should all pull together. After Sept. 11, 2001, we were all on the same side. Now they're using politics to divide us. We want a country united. We don't want to be divided. Stop playing partisan politics. I'm sick of it.

Tobacco tax is wrong

THIS IS for the Speak Out caller who had to go home and shower after eating in a restaurant where smoking was allowed. I don't have that problem, because there are a lot more places that are smoke-free. I don't smoke, but I have enough sense to know the proposed cigarette-tax increase is outrageous. If you holier-than-thou folks pass this, next time it could be a tax on an item that would cost you. I see this as what I always thought this country stood for. I may not agree with what you do, but you have the right to do it as long as it's legal. I will vote no on the cigarette tax, not because I think anyone should smoke, but because the tax is not right.

Cow bell comment

I REALLY enjoyed the comments about the person who found Dave Mason not to be a big name, and I loved the cowbell comment. It provided me with great amusement. I just thought back to last year and how much I enjoyed seeing the All-Star Band with Sugar Loaf the first night and Eddie Money the second night. I missed out on Eddie Money all those years ago, so it was kind of fun seeing him one time.

Make them scoop it up

THERE ARE about a dozen dogs living around my neighborhood. People take them for a walk and let them mess in our yards. It's time there should be a law requiring dog owners to take a scoop and a bucket and put their stuff in it instead of leaving it in the yard.

Tribute passed along

I AM a resident of Washington, Mo. Sister Mary Ann Fischer was a native of this area and leaves many relatives here. I will see that your article is forwarded to her relatives. I am sure it will give them much comfort. I did not know Sister Mary Ann. Knowing her family, she must have been a most wonderful person. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

War isn't justified

REGARDING THE draft: This is not World War II. We're not fighting the fully trained and equipped armies of the Axis powers. We're fighting civilians with guns hiding under bushes. Do you even understand how war is fought today? We don't send in massive numbers of men and just start shooting. The American version of war is massive bombing campaigns or cruise-missle attacks that destroy everything, civilian or military, until there are enough casualties for our enemy to cry "Uncle." You think we need to pull America's future out of college for this? This war isn't even justified.

Brokered resolution

KUDOS TO U.S. Rep. Richard Gephardt for brokering an agreement between the president and the House of Representatives on a resolution authorizing the use of force in Iraq under certain conditions.

Plenty of arts

WE JUST had the City of Roses Music Festival, I hear where a ballet is coming to the Show Me Center, and the university recently released the fall schedule for productions at Rose Theater. How can Cape Girardeau have so much arts and entertainment in such a short period of time without a River Campus?

Not another Vietnam

I HAVE two teenage boys, If they ever get drafted, I'm going to have to relocate them to Canada. I love my freedom, but not enough to sacrifice either of my boys. Why do we always have to talk about war? Aren't there better ways to solve the problems of the world? I don't have any answers, but who needs another Vietnam?

Verify Iraqi weapons

I AM in favor of going to war with Iraq after the United Nations goes in with inspectors and proves to the world what we all suspect: Saddam Hussein is developing biochemical and nuclear weapons. We should have taken him out when we were on his doorstep in 1991.

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