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Sunday, September 29, 2002

Concerned about bridge

I do not buy MoDOT putting a chain on a bridge member. The member was installed for a purpose, and it should be reattached. I understand why the bridge has to have movement or it would fail. Maintenance is the first thing that is cut when the economy goes negative. I have sent a e-mail to MoDOT expressing my concerns. In it, I said, "There is no danger, but at this stage it can decay pretty quick." I wonder how many more nonloading members are held with chains or are about to be separated from load-bearing members? This could be a disaster in the making. Cutting maintenance brings bigger problems than anticipated.

Attractive proposition

In response to "Pay for essentials": My guess is you probably don't have any children who would benefit from having a water park in this area to go to during the summer. And apparently you must like seeing our revenue go to other areas instead of staying in our own area. I personally would be more willing to vote for a tax increase if my family would benefit more from it and it would help to keep our funds in the Cape Girardeau and Jackson area as well as provide some of our young people with summer employment. I have to agree with the potential gold mine theory.

Lack of support

As someone who generally sides with many principles of the Democratic Party, the blatant lack of support by Al Gore and Tom Daschle of President Bush's handling of the Iraq situation makes me want to vomit. Talk about politicizing. Anyone who can't see that the current Iraqi regime poses a serious threat to the security of the United States and can't recognize that this problem has spanned many presidencies must be blind. It is very obvious that these two individuals don't want President Bush to succeed in keeping our country secure. I am embarrassed for them.

Give 'em what they want

Television networks attempt to provide what viewers want. That's what a free market is all about. If Americans have a voracious appetite for the vulgar, then that's what we'll view. It's not the TV networks' fault that democratic tastes generally descend to the lowest common denominator.

Not a real threat

Scott Ritter has evolved from Southeast Missourian saint to sinner. Why? He doesn't agree with the president on the degree of the Iraqi threat. Most Americans agree with the president, at least when it comes to the seriousness of the Iraqi threat. Does that, therefore, make the threat real? No.

Detracting from al-Qaida

I agree with you that Saddam's offer of unfettered inspection of Iraq is phony. However, do you agree with those who say that a lengthy war with Iraq for the purpose of removing Saddam would detract from our primary goal of targeting Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida operatives?

Condolences to family

As a student of Notre Dame Regional High School, I would like to offer my condolences to the family of Sister Mary Ann Fischer. The school family lost a person in Fischer whom it cannot replace. I was never fortunate enough to have her as principal, but I am very aware of all that she did for this school and the surrounding area. I have always heard good things about her. The family is in my prayers.

University growth

Your editorial about the increase of students at SEMO was on target except for two things. Some of the credit should also go to president Ken Dobbins. He has worked hard to make the vision of a 10,000-student campus a reality, and it shows. Credit should also go to the local businesses that welcome the students and employ them. The mall, restaurants and others offer good jobs. And the downtown now provides entertainment options that didn't exist before. This is a good college town with strong community support and good university leadership.

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