Letter to the editor 9/29/02

Sunday, September 29, 2002

To the editor:

There is misinformation circulating in the community and being perpetuated by comments in FanSpeak regarding poor sportsmanship and taunting ocurring in a recent soccer game.

The inaccuracies are resulting in much ill-will between schools where none is deserved. The game in question was not a game between Central and Notre Dame but was played at Notre Dame' Soccerfest. It did not include Notre Dame players or students.

Notre Dame and Central did have a match several days after the game in question. With much credit to the administrations, the players and the fans it was a wonderfully played game that was well attended and demonstrated positive school spirit by both teams. It did not include any of those negative things that are being reported.

The game played by Central and Notre Dame stands as an example of good, healthy competition between two good teams and neither teams' players nor fans should be ashamed for their play or behavior. RICK CUBA

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