Teen accused of putting gasoline in aunt's insulin

Sunday, September 29, 2002

OVERLAND, Mo. -- A teenager has been accused of trying to kill his diabetic aunt by putting gasoline in her insulin, saying she had been mistreating him, police in this St. Louis suburb said.

The 45-year-old aunt, who has raised Lee Lloyd Gough III for the past 10 years, survived the alleged tampering July 31, when authorities allege Gough brought the contaminated medicine to her at her Overland apartment and watched her inject it.

Gough, 17, wanted the woman to die, police said he told them.

The aunt, who police have declined to identify, was rushed to Barnes-Jewish Hospital after an adverse reaction to the shot. Overland police chief Jim Herron said Barnes called police the next day, saying they suspected tainted insulin because the victim experienced a burning sensation in her arm and there was a slight petroleum smell.

The aunt suspected her nephew because she normally injects herself with insulin daily for diabetes, and on the day in question her nephew brought it to her, Herron said.

A St. Louis County crime lab pinpointed gasoline as the contaminant, Herron said.

On Friday, authorities charged Gough, a senior at Ritenour High School in suburban St. Louis, with first-degree assault, a charge punishable by up to life behind bars.

Police said they found no evidence that Gough had been mistreated.

Gough had been raised by his aunt for the past decade after his mother died and his grandmother suffered a stroke, Herron said.

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