FanSpeak 9/29/02

Sunday, September 29, 2002

The Rams' problem is ...

EVERYBODY'S WONDERING what's wrong with the Rams this year. Well, what I've seen is that they don't have an offensive line to block and they don't have a defensive line to do anything.

'Hoosiers' and 'Rudy'

YOUR COVERAGE of the B.A. Sports high school volleyball tournament doesn't quite tell the whole story. The Leopold Wildcats were leading the eventual tournament champions, Oakville, 12-8 in their first semifinal game when one of Leopold's top players was injured and could not continue. This injury knocked the wind out of the Wildcats' sail. Had this not happened, the story might have been about how the smallest school in the tourney, with about 20 or so girls to make a varsity team, defeated schools with more girls in one class than Leopold has students in grades K-12 to win the largest tournament in the area. It could have been, might I say, Hoosier-esque.

Must-not see TV

I WOULD like to know why KFVS makes us watch Jefferson Pilot Sports football every Saturday. Southeast Missouri is definately not SEC country. Nine times out of 10 CBS has a great game on with teams in the top 20, but KFVS usually sticks us with Vanderbilt vs. LSU or Georgia vs. South Carolina or some other terrible game. Why? Does anyone in Southeast Missouri really want to watch this? Also, why on earth does KGIR carry every Notre Dame football game?

You read us all wrong

AS STUDENTS of Notre Dame, we would like to formally inform those who misinterpreted our actions at the recent Central-Notre Dame soccer game. It was not done in mockery. We had a cardboard picture of one of our best friends. The signs were held up when he came in, when he made a good pass and when we wanted to show our support. We did not wear them as faces, we did not yell absurd remarks and we certainly did not boo in a hateful manner. If only parents could see beyond their own negative aspect and narrowed minds, they could see that students from different schools can be friends.

Humongous differences

I'M EXTREMELY disappointed in the Southeast Missourian. In the past, when Central would lose, it was plastered on the front page with some humongous headline with verbs like"pummeled." Now that Jackson's having a losing season, you put their losses on the second or third page with some little-bitty headline like, "No. 5 Pattonville turns away Jackson early."

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