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Friday, September 27, 2002

MAP accountability

YOUR EDITORIAL about MAP scores gauging teaching performance missed a very important point that all teachers are aware of and that is a major complaint about the MAP. We're being held accountable as teachers. However, the kids aren't being held accountable. The kids try harder on a unit test or a chapter test or semester test because they know it affects their grade. The MAP test does not affect their grade. It does not affect their chances for graduation. Therefore, it's hard for us to get some kids to take it seriously, and a couple of those kids can seriously affect our percentages and the results. If you're going to have a test that's going to judge us, make it fair to us and make kids accountable so they will want to do their best.

Getting the job done

HOW MANY elections have we had where politicians said they were going to save Social Security and provide assistance for senior citizens' drugs. This is nothing but a ploy to get votes. Neither Jim Talent nor Jean Carnahan is ever going to get the drug companies to lower the price of drugs, and we are not going to get drugs under Medicare. I am sick and tired of hearing this every election, and it is time that we get people in there who can do what they say they will do.

Lots of rudeness

I WAS with my husband and son at a family restaurant. We were talking about my son going to the Navy Seabees next summer. These people behind us were being rude and saying "yeah, listen to that conversation like they really know what they're talking about." There are so many rude people in this town. What is it with the rudeness? I've lived here over 34 years, and I've noticed there is a lot of rudeness.

Where was the band?

A PROUD band mom said she was really proud of the Central High School band's new uniforms and we could see the band at the home football games and at competitions. We had a home football game, and the band didn't perform. Some of us were told that the band didn't perform because it was a school night. Why is this? They certainly expect the football players to be out there on school nights even though their teachers are still giving two and three and four tests the next day. Why aren't the band members out there?

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