Archery season tips

Friday, September 27, 2002

Archery deer hunters get back into action Tuesday with the start of the season in Missouri. But amid the excitement, remember a few tips that could prevent injury.

  • Wear a safety belt when hunting from a stand, including while ascending and descending.

  • Never climb into a permanent stand you have not built or personally inspected.

  • Never hunt from tree limbs.

  • Be sure the commercial stand you have is safe. Practice with it before using it in the woods.

  • Never climb a tree that is too small or too large for your stand to fit safely.

  • Be sure your stand is level at the height you wish to hunt.

    Always stand up slowly and be sure of your balance.

  • Be sure you are steady and braced before shooting a bow or firearm.

  • Always use a haul line for your bow or unloaded firearm. Don't try to climb a stand with your equipment in hand.

    Never climb a dead tree or one with dead limbs above your head.

    -- Charles Searcy, KRT

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