Club news 9/25/02

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

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Friendship Club

Members of Friendship Club met Sept. 10 at the home of Wilma Grossheider. Evelyn Moore gave the devotional. Roll call was answered by each telling about her first day of school.

It was reported lap robes were given to a nursing home.

The Oct. 8 meeting will be at the home of LaVern Gross.

Alpha Rho

The Sept. 19 meeting of Alpha Rho chapter of Beta Sigma Phi was held at Soups and Sweets in Scott City.

For the program, a discussion was held on future plans.

Rosie Whitnel and Bonnie Hennessy were chosen to serve on the upcoming state convention committee.

Plans were made to confer the exempler degree on two members who have been in the sorority four years.

The next meeting is Oct. 3 at the home of Norma Schrieber. Each member is to bring 10 Christmas cards to send to military personnel.

Kage FCE

Barbara Schaffner was hostess for the Sept. 19 meeting of Kage FCE Club, held at Cape Girardeau Senior Center. The hostess also gave the devotional.

It was reported that eight members attended the annual conference of MAFCE in Columbia.

Individuals donated money to the Alzheimer's Memory Walk to be held Sept. 28. Shirley Palen will walk.

A decision was made on favors for the Southeast District FCE meeting to be held Oct. 24.

Officers for next year were installed.

Linda Farrow presented the program on "Food Preservation."

The Oct. 10 meeting will be held at the home of Inez Statler. Members are to bring food for FISH food pantry.

Wednesday Club

Members of GFWC Wednesday Club met Sept. 18 at Chateau Girardeau. Jan Steck called the meeting to order. Roll call was answered by each telling the highlight of her summer vacation.

Members were reminded to save food labels, have projects to supply articles for Girls Town, and donate books for children ages 6 to 19 years. They will again help sponsor Project Smile and the FISH Christmas project.

It was announced the club's 100th anniversary will be celebrated Oct. 23 at Chateau.

Vernice Baumstark conducted a memorial service for Juanita Snider, Gladys Farrar, Mary Masters, and Elsie Selph.

Eastside Homemakers

The Sept. 18 meeting of Eastside Homemakers Club was held at the home of Violet Reynolds. Maxine Southard gave the devotional. Roll call was answered with saving tips.

For the program, Janet Piepenbrok told about the promotion of her son, Brad Baker, to brigadier general. She and other family members attended the ceremony at the Pentagon.

Scottish Rite Men

A potluck dinner and meeting of Scottish Rite Men's Club was held Sept. 19. The Rev. Earl Statler gave the table prayer.

Guest speaker was Charles Clippard, who told about growing up in Greenbrier, Mo.

A celebration was held for those observing wedding anniversaries and birthdays.

Norman G. Schalagenhauf Jr. from St. Louis spoke about future projects in St. Louis, the home base for the Cape Girardeau area.

It was announced that 14 children and parents from The Rite Care attended the June 12 meeting. The children are sponsored by the organization's Speech and Language disorder group.

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