University students have economic impact

Now that students have once again settled into the routine of the fall semester at Southeast Missouri State University, we are reminded yet again of the large economic impact they make on this region.

An economic study of students' habits shows that the average student who lives on campus spends at least $120 a month, mostly in Cape Girardeau. Students who live off campus spend as much as $300 a month.

The study was done by Dr. Bruce Domazlicky, director of the university's Center for Economic and Business Research.

This spending includes money for groceries, meals, school supplies, gasoline and entertainment. The fact that the study is 3 years old means the figure is likely even higher now.

Domazlicky says that the university's 1,000 employees and the 1,000 other jobs created by student spending make up 4 percent of Cape Girardeau's 50,000-job workforce.

As we all see with our own eyes, Domazlicky says of the students -- who are "much more mobile today" -- that they're "everywhere in town spending money."

Every retailer, convenience store owner or restaurateur knows what the students mean to our economy.

We're glad to have them back.