Letter to the Editor

'Understanding' evil only allows it to flourish

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

To the editor:

I was shocked when I read the letter from a local teacher who advocated "understanding" terrorists. I respect Adam M. Cox's idealism, but he is absolutely wrong. It is clear that terrorists do not wish for peace through "understanding."

Terrorists see a world in which democracy is taking hold. This threatens their ideal of an Islamic government ruled by terror. Terrorists see democracy as a threat to their way of life. Their model government is Iraq. Saddam Hussein seeks the total destruction of Israel and the United States. It has been reported that he is close to obtaining enough uranium to create a nuclear bomb that he can unleash on the United States.

Saddam has had 11 years to comply with United Nations mandates that ordered him to allow U.N. weapons inspectors in. Each time Saddam has thumbed his nose at the United Nations. Our government's policy of regime change in Iraq is not a "thirst for blood," as Cox would say, but rather a policy of preventing another Sept. 11.

If we teach our children to "understand" when evil attempts to destroy us, we are allowing evil to flourish. My hope is that our teachers will understand this and teach our children correctly. I think Cox has a good heart, but he needs to realize that we have enemies who do not want peace -- enemies who seek to wipe us off the face of the earth like Hitler tried to do with the Jews.


Shawneetown, Mo.