Out of the past 9/16/02

Monday, September 16, 2002

10 years ago: Sept. 16, 1992

First Lady Barbara Bush touches briefly on variety of topics during 50-minute visit to SEMO District Fair, but it is her personality, sincerity and humor that win over crowd that greets her; Bush fields questions and comments from nine people in crowd of mostly senior citizens at fair's Rest and Relaxation Tent, talks briefly with about two dozen area media representatives and then goes to livestock area to present championship ribbons to FHA and 4-H members for cattle.

Second Y.E.L.L. for Newspapers edition sold out yesterday, thanks to some last-minute heroics, topping money raised last year in Cape Girardeau by more than 60 percent and generating lot of enthusiasm for literacy in community; at last count, Y.E.L.L. volunteers had raised $16,080 selling newspapers on street.

25 years ago: Sept. 16, 1977

There's nothing like fair weather to bolster attendance at SEMO District Fair; that point was proven once again Thursday as fair skies and warm temperatures boosted attendance at gates with 18,985 entering grounds.

Contract has been awarded for reconstruction of Highway 61-Bloomfield intersection, but for second time, bid on work at Broadway and Highway 61 was rejected by State Highway Commission; Girardeau Contractors, Inc., was given $319,350.24 contract for work at Bloomfield location.

50 years ago: Sept. 16, 1952

Offer has been made by Cape Girardeau Public School District to conduct for other Southeast Missouri school districts special teaching program for their pupils who are patients in infantile paralysis treatment center at St. Francis Hospital; offer was made by way of Richard S. Dabney, director of special education for State Department of Education.

Action on extension of rent controls beyond Sept. 30 expiration date was deferred by city council yesterday, but it took steps to call meeting with Main Street Levee District officers to discuss government-proposed alteration of storm sewer plans; Corps of Engineers has suggested reducing size of pumping plant to be located near Frisco depot.

75 years ago: Sept. 16, 1927

Both marriages and divorces in Cape Girardeau, and number of other Southeast Missouri counties, showed decrease in 1926 as compared with previous years, according to report made by Federal Census Bureau.

Judge I.R. Kelso is preparing brief that will detail history of utilities contracts and franchises for past 20 years, or at least since present franchise was taken up; brief will include some personal recommendations; one is his advise that company not make permanent improvements in Cape Girardeau's water plant until extension of present franchise is granted.

- Sharon K. Sanders

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