FanSpeak 9/15/02

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Spread your coverage

I GO online daily to check area news and sports information, but according to your high school sports section Notre Dame is the only high school that matters! I'm from Dexter and have yet to hear anything whatsoever regarding any Dexter sports or any others in our area for that matter.

Editor's note: Our focus is on 21 high schools in the Cape Girardeau area, which is the Southeast Missourian's area of distribution. We'll print scores from outside the area as they're made available.

Glasses might help

WHAT GAME was the sports writer watching Tuesday night? The second half was totally dominated by the Central Tigers. Notre Dame had few chances to score. This was definitely one of those games where the best team did not win.

Thanks for the story

THANKS FOR your wonderful article on the Notre Dame duo of Tyler Cuba and Adam Prasanphanich. Thanks for all the Southeast Missourian does to support area athletes and teams. I especially appreciate the coverage you give to soccer.

No lessons, please

I READ the letter from Rudie Slaughter complaining about the grammar in the sports articles. I don't read a newspaper to get an English lesson. I read it to get information on sports teams. They have a duty to give us the sports scores, stats, info on players and teams, etc., and to get it to us fast.

Football isn't godly?

IF THE Jackson football players weren't treated like gods by the town then they would have won their game [Sept. 6] against Sikeston. They came into the game with way too much confidence as if last year's wrecking crew of an offensive line and star running back were still playing in Jackson.

On the info superhighway

PLEASE PRINT the cross country articles and results over the Internet. I would like to be able to see how the teams are doing. Thank you.

Most agate lists from most area sporting events remain a feature only of the print version of the Southeast Missourian. Stories from those events, however, are regularly posted online.

They're poor sports

THE CAPE Girardeau Central student body showed a lack of class at the Notre Dame soccer tournament. The only thing that overshadowed their poor sportsmanship by taunting players from other teams was the fact that their principal was there and allowed it to go on.

Shumate earned a spot

IT'S JUST a travesty that Ron Shumate is not included in the Southeast Missouri State Athletic Hall of Fame. Ron Shumate put Southeast Missouri State on the map. Ron Shumate is responsible for the Show Me Center. Ron Shumate is perhaps the finest coach this side of Bobby Knight, maybe even better. Add Ron Shumate to the Southeast Missouri State Athletic Hall of Fame or I will never contribute another red cent to Southeast Missouri athletics.

Mario's nickname is fair

SUPER MARIO just graduated in May so don't even try to act like it has been a year or more, because it hasn't. If you have a child or know someone that you want to be in the same spotlight, then let this be a motivator to get there. You must realize that he has set three state records and until someone does the same or better, you will continue to hear about Super Mario. He is just a talented and gifted young man, so get over it.

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