Everybody's a critic - 'Swimfan'

Friday, September 13, 2002

Three stars

"Swimfan" is just "Fatal Attraction" for teens. The plot is not new. The scary parts are predictable. Still, I like this movie.

It would have been easy for Erika Christensen to overplay the psychotic teen, but she makes her character, Madison Bell, believably twisted. Madison seduces high school swimmer Ben Cronin (played by Jesse Bradford) in a one-night stand. Of course, Ben has a steady girlfriend, hard-working Amy (Shiri Appleby). Ben explains to Madison that he loves Amy and wants nothing to do with her. That's when the trouble starts, and nobody is safe from the scorned Madison.

I have to admit that I jumped a couple of times, even though I knew a scary scene was coming. Those scenes carried you into the moment, let you sit there awhile, allowed you to relax. Then watch out!

I had fun at this movie and would recommend it for teens and young adults.-- Brenda Lowther, mom

Three stars

This movie has been called the modern-day "Fatal Attraction." I have never seen "Fatal Attraction," but this movie had me on the edge of my seat talking to the screen.

"Swimfan" has a good plot with fabulous twists and even good acting. Ben, the swim team's star, is going out with Amy, but then comes Madison. She pursues Ben and in a matter of a few days has him giving her a swim lesson late at night where they end up having sex.

Ben realizes the mistake so he tries to stay away from Madison. She doesn't take this too well and turns psycho.

"Swimfan" is 90 minutes long but doesn't seem that way. In fact, it is fully developed. I even thought it was going to end with a cliffhanger set-up for a sequel. Thankfully it didn't, but I recommend you see this one.

-- Kristen Whitlatch, college student

One star

Terrible. Awful. Save your money. I was not entertained in the least by this movie.

Varsity high school swimmer and all around good guy Ben Cronin, in a single moment of weakness, submits to the feminine wiles of the beguiling new girl in school, blond pyscho-stalker Madison Bell. She makes it her job to ensure his life is miserable (check that, very miserable) from that point forward.

I thought the movie was extremely disjointed and way too predictable. I expected a much better story line and a much more entertaining movie. The plot, even though it made sense, was totally uninteresting, way too conventional, and for the most part boring. I can find no viable reason for recommending this movie to anyone. Usually I can find something positive to report, but not on this one.

It gets one star, only because I don't think I am allowed to score it zero.

-- Ron Swift, management

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