Letter to the Editor

Swingle's book memorializes our community

Friday, September 13, 2002

To the editor:

Thank you for your editorial, "Prosecutor's novel fulfills longtime dream," about Morley Swingle's book. He just phoned me to make sure I'd seen it. He was obviously moved by its coverage.

Besides being informative, it also shared with the community the story of Morley's dream and persistence, an inspiration to all of us. He never let quotidian life bury his dream, nor has he let the huge amount of work in editing, revising and preparation for the book's release stop or even slow him down. He is admirably prompt.

We're truly fortunate to have this talented and energetic person working for our community and memorializing it in print. Thanks for your recognition of his efforts.



Southeast Missouri State University Press

Cape Girardeau