Competitive GOP primary leaves Lipke at financial disadvantage

Friday, September 13, 2002

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- A highly competitive Republican primary left Scott Lipke at a financial disadvantage heading into his general election campaign against Democrat Chuck Miller for a seat in the House of Representatives.

As of Aug. 31, Lipke, of Jackson, had $2,018.24 in campaign cash on hand. Miller, of Oriole, had better than eight times that amount with $17,343.41.

Lipke spent more than $29,000 in winning a four-way GOP primary for the 157th District seat, which represents parts of Cape Girardeau and Perry counties. Lipke won by just 25 votes.

Miller, unopposed in the Democratic primary, was able to bank most of his contributions and spent roughly $6,500.

The most recent campaign finance disclosure reports filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission cover activity from July 26 through Aug. 31. In that period, Lipke raised $4,200 while spending $11,160.70. Miller collected $3,610, but spent only $106.

Lipke reported nine donations of $300, the legal limit for a House campaign. Top donors included Republican state Reps. Jason Crowell of Cape Girardeau and Rod Jetton of Marble Hill.

Cape Girardeau County Presiding Commissioner Gerald Jones actually gave Lipke $400 during the latest reporting period -- $100 for the primary and $300 for the general election. The contribution cap restarts for each election, meaning an individual may contribute up to $600 total to the candidate who wins his party's primary.

Most of Miller's donations were for $100 or less.

Six contributors gave the maximum, including former Secretary of State Bekki Cook of Cape Girardeau, the Byrd Township Democrats, the Cape Girardeau County Democratic Women and two labor unions.

The 157th District seat is currently held by state Rep. David Schwab, R-Jackson. Schwab is term-limited.

(573) 635-4608SCOTT LIPKE, R-JACKSON

Jackson Medical Center, Jackson, $100; Helen Page, Cape Girardeau, $300; Jetton for Speaker Pro Tem, Jefferson City, $300; Everett A. Tilley, Perryville, $300; Steven Tilley, Perryville, $150; Kellie Tilley, Perryville, $150; Realtors PAC, Columbia, $300; Committee to Elect Jason Crowell, Cape Girardeau, $300; Sarah Steinnerd, Jackson, $100; Tina Weber, Jackson, $100; Gerald Jones, Jackson, $400; Barb Narsh, Cape Girardeau, $100; Tina Weber, Jackson, $100; Gerri Weber, Jackson, $100; Cape Anesthesia Group, Cape Girardeau, $300; Matthew LaValle, Cape Girardeau, $300; Richard Moore, Cape Girardeau, $100; David Hitt, Jackson, $200; Bill Geiser, Cape Girardeau, $100; Alan Lipke, Jackson, $300.CHUCK MILLER, D-ORIOLE

Betty Ross, Cape Girardeau, $35; Russ Carnahan 2002, St. Louis, $300; Robert Aubuchon, Jackson, $30; Mary Lou Lett, $25; Cheryl Hanschen, Jackson, $50; Rebecca M. Cook, Cape Girardeau, $300; Betty Hoffmeister, Jackson, $15; Joyce Johns, Jackson, $100; Lynn Crader, Sikeston,$50; Byrd Township Democrats, $300; Teresa Neumeyer, Cape Girardeau, $50; June Perez, Jackson, $200; Allen and Lorene McDowell, $100; Robert Miller, Cape Girardeau, $300; Painters District Council No. 2, $100; Cape County Democrat Women, $300; F. Charles Reinecke, Jackson, $25; SImon Ebenstein, Jackson, $50; Ann Bauer, Oak Ridge, $10; Janice Miller, St. Louis, $30; Don Shaner, Cape Girardeau, $20; Paul and Joretta Allee, Jackson, $50; Marybelle Mueller, Jackson, $100; Harold Weinrich, Perryville, $100; Wayne Gross, Jackson, $50; Jim and Betty Palmer, Jackson, $25; Jerry Oliver, Jackson, $35; Don and Patsy Pulliam, Jackson, $25; Nelda Gross, Jackson, $50; Norma Jones, Jackson, $50; Southeast Missouri Building Trades Council, Cape Girardeau, $300; Steve and Maura Leus, Cape Girardeau, $100; Thomas Miller, Millersville, $25; Electrical Workers Voluntary Political Fund, St. Louis, $300; William Blaylock, Cape Girardeau, $25.

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