Bankruptcies for September 2002

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Bankruptcies filed through Sept. 10 for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeastern Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Cape Girardeau, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscott, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Adaway, Edna P., Kennett, 11221

Allen, Anna R. and Loyd L., Silva, 11281

Amacker, Christopher L. and Erika M., Scott City, 11175

Ashby, Michael E. Jr. and Michelle M.R., Perryville, 11143

Ayers, Candi and Paxton, Cape Girardeau, 11171

Baker, Brandon L., Perryville, 11140

Baker, Keith L. and Ramona E., Dexter, 11151

Belcher, Joseph D. and Karen S., Chaffee, 11235

Belote, Jack L., Poplar Bluff, 11261

Benn, Treasa A., Cape Girardeau, 11191

Billington, Sam F., Holland, 11197

Black, Judy D., Caruthersville, 11201

Bonham, Edith R. and William R., Winona, 11152

Brantley, Amanda D., Caruthersville, 11202

Braswell, Charles C. II and Leah C., Cape Girardeau, 11250

Brown, Debra R. and James R., Poplar Bluff, 11193

Brown, Gary L. and Janice L., Cape Girardeau, 11183

Brown, Mischelle L. and William K., East Prairie, 11145

Burrell, Linda M., East Prairie, 11190

Butler, Allen E. and Sherri L., Poplar Bluff, 11146

Cannon, Kathy J. and William W., Kennett, 11184

Cavaner, Lorene K., Sturdivant, 11256

Christy, Larry W., Caruthersville, 11198

Conner, Lloyd D., Essex, 11128

Cooper, Deloris S., Sikeston, 11120

Cooper, Michelle R. and Richard C., Sikeston, 11276

Cooper, Veronica L., Cape Girardeau, 11173

Coots, Dewayne E. and Sharon D., Bertrand, 11239

Corzine, Jimmy L., Dudley, 11219

Cox, Rita F., Bell City, 11169

Daniels-Laing, Constance L., Sikeston, 11246

Davis, Holly J., Doniphan, 11164

Dean, Marlana D. and Terry L., East Prairie, 11254

Deen, Sharon E., Malden, 11287

Dees, Cheryl D., Kennett, 11133

Dent, Paul J., Lilbourn, 11122

Dismang, Dawn, Doniphan, 11153

Drury, Lisa K., Cape Girardeau, 11156

Eaton, Donielle K. and John E., Eminence, 11279

Elliott, Gina L. and Jeffrey S., Burfordsville, 11232

Ellis, Charlesa M., Winona, 11257

Ellis, Robert L., Cape Girardeau, 11237

Ervin, Beulah K., Clarkton, 11150

Estes, Kevin L., Arbyrd, 11273

Estes, Pauline, Sikeston, 11260

Fann, Therese J., Doniphan, 11163

Farmer, Edna M., Fredericktown, 11210

Fears, Kenneth R., Poplar Bluff, 11155

Flanigan, Roger D., Morehouse, 11244

Flippin, Rhonda L., Bloomfield, 11255

Flowers, Amanda G., Parma, 11248

Fry, James W. and Karen L., Malden, 11222

Gadberry, Jennifer M. and Russell L., Benton, 11253

Garland, Sharon R., Jackson, 11110

Garner, Heather L., Hayti, 11196

Gaylord Crain, L.L.C., Dexter, 11212

Glidewell, Ronald R., Poplar Bluff, 11157

Griffith, Bobby G. and Carol M., Cape Girardeau, 11172

Grindstaff, Billie J. and William M., Marble Hill, 11119

Grubb, Mitchell S. and Trishia A., Patton, 11234

Gushard, Michael A. and Stephanie D., Campbell, 11223

Hall, Bobby J. and Charlotte M., Bertrand, 11124

Hall, Bruce L. and Taleca N., Bertrand, 11271

Hamlett, Dennis W. and Vickie J., Kennett, 11285

Harris, Donald L., Kelso, 11195

Harwell, Douglas J. and Ruth A., Poplar Bluff, 11135

Hayton, Charles E. and Lisa J., East Prairie, 11286

Helfer, Jeff L., Caruthersville, 11185

Hendrix, Terry L. E., Sturdivant, 11208

Henson, Christopher L. and Laura M., Marble Hill, 11118

Hester, Edna, Poplar Bluff, 11161

Hester, Lee A., Essex, 11161

Hicks, Elizabeth C. and Mark D., Poplar Bluff, 11216

Higgs, Rebecca and Toney A., Poplar Bluff, 11266

Hodge, Dariel Jr. and Latonya L., Morley, 11220

Hogard, Kevin P., Perryville, 11142

Holmes, Larry and Sandra, Benton, 11204

Householder, Virginia S., Blodgett, 11242

Hughes, Jeffrey L. and Sheila J., Charleston, 11129

Hutchings, Marilyn S., Cape Girardeau, 11269

Jackson, Hank D. and Linda D., New Madrid, 11238

Jackson, Kenny D. and Kimberlie E., Dexter, 11252

Jackson, Shawna J., Bloomfield, 11206

Jackson, Theresa A., Van Buren, 11158

Jay, Morgan L. and Paula L., Poplar Bluff, 11218

Johnson, Barbara A. and Carl E. Sr., Morehouse, 11205

Johnson, Janet S., Poplar Bluff, 11159

Johnson, Jessica T. and Lonnie E., Perryville, 11170

Johnson, Misty D., Poplar Bluff, 11274

Kastner, Jim H. and Linda J., Poplar Bluff, 11265

Keller, Weslie D., Poplar Bluff, 11160

Kelley, Brian C., Glen Allen, 11189

Kemp, Judith M. and William E., Holcomb, 11249

Kieninger, Andrea, Cape Girardeau, 11192

Kindred, Charles C., Sikeston, 11240

Kirk, Jimmy D., Kennett, 11127

Koepp, Susan F., Benton, 11268

Kuehn, Christina L. and Randy L., Jackson, 11174

Lamar, Deborah F. and Randal S., Gideon, 11224

Lane, Teresa, Sikeston, 11168

Laubach, Dennis C., Benton, 11121

Lee, Brian W. and Nichole D., Fredericktown, 11280

Lee, Lovella A., Poplar Bluff, 11165

Long, Jackie E. and Shannon E., Sikeston, 11126

Lovell, David K. Jr. and Grete D., Ellington, 11211

Madden, Marty I., Hayri, 11187

Maddox, Bertha A. and Rodney D., Benton, 11132

Mann, Barbara A. and Carl L. R. Jr., Ellington, 11112

Mann, Jack E. and Teresa D., Dexter, 11225

Martin, Christina B. and Troy G., Scott City, 11251

Martin, Karla J., Silva, 11154

Mason, Geralyn K. and Gregory Sr., Sikeston, 11176

Mattingly, Bryan J. and Sherry M., Cape Girardeau, 11241

McRill, Clifford A. and Phyllis A., Kennett, 11226

Miller, Shelli R., Poplar Bluff, 11278

Moore, Ella J. and John E., Oak Ridge, 11243

Moore, J.W. Jr. and Norma, New Madrid, 11283

Munn, Alan D., Jackson, 11117

Musgraves, Amy M., Malden, 11217

Newman, John W. Jr. and Lori G., Poplar Bluff, 11263

Newsom, Alvin T. and Carolyn A. Ramsey-Newsom, Sikeston, 11215

O'Dell, Charles W., Malden, 11227

Parr, Augustine L. and David L., Dexter, 11284

Parrent, Keri D. and Michael D., Kennett, 11228

Parris, William A., Fredericktown, 11114

Pennell, Clarissa, Puxico, 11270

Pennington, Ruth J., Qulin, 11272

Perkins, William D., Dexter, 11167

Pfaff, Charles H., Perryville, 11109

Pickard, Tonya J., Poplar Bluff, 11134

Poe, Cheryl D. and Roy L., Bloomfield, 11149

Pogue, David W., Ellington, 11144

Powell, Jo Ann., Harviell, 11203

Propst, Michael B. and Sherry L., Sikeston, 11123

Pullam, Charles R. and Sharon A., Marble Hill, 11209

Richardet, Diane L., Perryville, 11139

Riley, Keith A. and Patricia D., Clarkton, 11236

Roberts, Ronald L., Fredericktown, 11214

Robertson, James M. and Linda L., Perryville, 11213

Robertson, Jay W., Dexter, 11277

Rodgers, Allen R. Jr., Charleston, 11130

Rodriguez, Carrie D., Caruthersville, 11136

Schnurbusch, Jennifer L. and Patrick L., Millersville, 11233

Schweain, Charles A., Cape Girardeau, 11131

Scott, Christopher M. and Lana S., Kennett, 11116

Shelton, Wanda J., Hayti, 11186

Shipman, Robert L., Bloomfield, 11207

Simpson, James F. and Sheila Gelana, Caruthersville, 11199

Slattery, Doris A., Perryville, 11141

Smith, Carma J. and Douglas E., Fredericktown, 11111

Smith, Gayla A. and Martin R., Fredericktown, 11115

Smith, Jason R., Piedmont, 11264

Spane, Lowell G. II, Cape Girardeau, 11137

Spell, Darlene D., Poplar Bluff, 11138

St. Clair, James W. and Lisa R., Fredericktown, 11113

Stapleton, Jack F. Jr. and Patricia K., Kennett, 11259

Stause, Michael J., Jackson, 11194

Stewart, Crystal Y., Bell City, 11247

Stone, Scott A. and Tammy R., Sikeston, 11166

Sumner, Curtis V., Fairdealing, 11262

Swallows, Carol S., Dexter, 11231

Swinney, Pamela K., Bernie, 11282

Talley, Rebecca J., Bell City, 11245

Taylor, Danielle L. and Marcus R. Jr., Poplar Bluff, 11162

Taylor, Eddie R. and Mary J., Qulin, 11148

Thompson, Lisa J. and Mitchell D., Sikeston, 11275

Thompson, Robert A., Malden, 11188

Turner, Carlos E. and Melissa A., Kennett, 11229

Weaver, Ricky R., Poplar Bluff, 11258

Weaver, Selena R., Scott City, 11258

Weber, James A., Cape Girardeau, 11125

Wright, Dianna L. and Jimmy D., Kennett, 11200

Wyatt, Keith D. and Marshawnda, Bloomfield, 11230

Young, Edward M. and Lavella., Poplar Bluff, 11147

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