Corn milling company likely at Port Authority

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Business Today

SCOTT CITY -- The SEMO Port Authority at Scott City is expecting a new tenant. Dan Overbey, executive director of the port, said that Cape Milling hopes to open at the facilities formerly owned by Riverport Terminals by the end of the year.

Cape Milling will be in the business of buying corn and grinding it into corn meal. The corn meal will then go into smaller paper bags with plastic liners and sold to the government for certain USDA food aid programs.

The new company is being put together by Terry Kleisinger, who is from Edwards, Colo. Overbey said the company hopes to have as many as 30 employees within a few years. He said company officials are planning to invest $1 million in the facilities.

The business will consist of three metal buildings with a gross size of 27,166 square feet. The facility is designed to receive bulk products from either trucks, barge or rail.

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