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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Lovely friend

TO THE family and friends of Billy Jones Jr. I send all my sincere sympathy. I knew Billy for several tears. He was a lovely friend. I hope justice is served. I would also like to say that the south part of Cape is not bad. The people are not bad. Everyone is confused. Two people have lost their lives. The people in the community need to come together. I hope these two recent deaths can help this town see that violence is not the answer. To Billy's family: Stay strong. He will always be there.

Reagan's credentials

RONALD REAGAN was not only an actor, but he was head of the Screen Actors Guild and involved in politics for many years as an actor. This alone, of course, did not give him credentials to run for president. Those credentials came in large part from his highly successful years as governor of California, whose economy is one of the largest in the world. Reagan had several careers in his life. And he held real jobs outside of acting in both business and government.

Repaying welfare

THISIS in regard to the comment about black people repaying welfare benefits. I was absolutely appalled to read that, because there are more whites on welfare than blacks. If blacks should repay, so should whites.

Uplifting prayers

INTHIS time of almost complete paranoia that something religious might appear in public venues, I am thankful that your newspaper is bold enough to include a daily prayer on its Opinion page. I find the prayers encouraging and uplifting. God bless.

Dangerous toy

I WOULD like to warn parents. My 5-year-old son put 50 cents into one of those vending machines. I've really never thought twice about the toys in those machines being dangerous. He couldn't get the toy container open after he had already attempted to use his teeth. I read the small bag, and it said "Bomb Bag." You're not supposed to open the bag but break open the contents in it and the bag will fill with air. Then you throw it on the ground and it explodes. This is not something any child should get hold of. I would just like to warn others to pay close attention to what's in those machines.

Living up to ideals

DESCENDANTSOF African American slaves are as deserving of reparations as survivors of Holocaust victims. Monetary compensation for the sin of slavery will not absolve society of this barbarism, but it will continue the ongoing process of attempting to live up to the ideals to which we claim to aspire.

Propaganda failure

BYREPRINTING a propaganda piece from The Wall Street Journal, the Southeast Missourian went out of its way to try to persuade us that there is no real dissent within the Republican Party concerning the wisdom of invading Iraq. In this instance, the Southeast Missourian's effort can be described as nothing short of a catastrophic failure.

Swept under the rug

I WAS born and raised Catholic and used to be proud of it. However, the church has shown without a doubt it is only a big business like Enron and WorldCom with no regard for the little people. My priest, bishop and pope haven't apologized for the sex-abuse scandal. They have tried to sweep it under the rug but haven't done anything to change some of the basic, underlying problems. I read in the paper a couple of weeks ago that the pope threatened excommunication very quickly to some women a bishop supposedly ordained. However, sexual abuse of children goes on for years. How pathetic.

Spoils the view

I SEE where Cape Girardeau is slowly turning from the City of Roses to the City of Billboards. They're everywhere. The two out by the high school spoil the whole view out there.

Into general fund

ANY PERSON who believes the lottery money in Missouri is given to the schools must be living on the dark side of the moon. The lottery money goes into the general fund.

A LARGE piece of curbing has broken off and is lying in the street near the curb on Silver Springs Road. It's near the bowling alley. It makes it very difficult to get to the mailbox. I tried moving it myself, but it was too heavy. I called the street department. So far, no results.

RECENTLY I was a hospital patient. The daughters of the woman in the next bed spent the night with her. The two of them talked until midnight. The next day, the woman had eight guests at one time. I complained to the nurse, and she said they didn't want to make anyone mad. Who's more important: sick people or visitors?

Others on welfare

I'M A black person, and I have worked hard. I wasn't raised on welfare, and I'm not on welfare. There are other people of other races on welfare too. So you can't assume that all blacks are on welfare.

I'M TIRED of everybody saying senior citizens should pay their part. I've never had a child. I've paid school taxes all my life, and I haven't complained. But I do not think the district should be allowed to raise school taxes without a vote and the approval of the voters.

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