Letter to the Editor

Republican Party being taken over by LBJ Democrats

Monday, August 26, 2002

To the editor:

The neo-conservatives are starting to sound a lot like Lyndon Baines Johnson Democrats. They, after getting the upper hand in the Republican Party, are fashioning it in the Johnson mold. They use war to strengthen their position of power just as Johnson attempted to do. They support and expand every welfare and social program that he started and have even added more.

One wonders why the conservatives still support the socialist neo-conservatives in their drive toward power and toward an imperialistic state. Many conservative columnists for whom I once had considerable respect have joined the neo-conservative socialists in dismantling the Republican Party. It seems odd to read so-called conservative columnists who support the liberal-collectivist view of the United States.

If you read a conservative columnist who constantly reflects on the presidency of Bill Clinton, you know he is doing this to cover his distaste for the neo-conservative leadership now in power. These are so-called conservative Republican columnists who -- since they can't in good conscience support the liberal, socialistic programs proposed by the current regime and won't stand up against these policies -- will try to focus on issues that will not estrange them from those in power. They are not conservatives. They are supporters of socialism, imperialism and Johnson Democrats. It is time we see them for what they really are: liberals trying to hide in conservative clothing.


Marble Hill, Mo.