Shape Up Cape

Thursday, August 22, 2002

The Southeast Missourian's Fit to Print team earned 799 points last week, bringing our average to 79.9 per person. To the right are updates from four of our team members. Next Thursday, you'll hear from other members of our team.

Team totals:

Andrea Buchanan: 77

Sam Blackwell: 89

Spencer Cramer: 77

Heidi Hall: 70

Jamie Hall: 86

Gabe Hartwig: 75

Laura Johnston: 85

Heather Kronmueller: 94

Bob Miller: 86

Joe Sullivan: 60

Our challengers:

Cape Girardeau Public Library

Total 289

Average 41.3

St. Andrew Lutheran Church

Total 801

Average 80.1

Sam Blackwell

Perfection is scary.

In Shape Up Cape terms, that's 140 points in a week, the maximum possible. I had come close a few weeks but always fell just short. The reasons for just missing were valid, but behind them was the fear that once I'd had a perfect week there was nothing more to strive for and nowhere to go but down.

When the perfect week finally occurred last month, it required little extra effort. It was a matter of allowing it to happen and acknowledging the possibility of perfection.

This week was not so perfect -- not even close. But to have experienced perfection makes a larger perspective possible. Before we started Shape Up Cape in May, my activities during an average week probably added up to 10 points. Having a perfect week means a "bad" week is still pretty good.

Spencer Cramer

The last week or so hasn't been good. Doing too many things that take up time that could be spent exercising.

One thing I have found is that I get stiff when I haven't done yoga for a while. Either it prevents stiffness or I go through yoga withdrawal, I don't know which.

I haven't said much about yoga in these updates, mainly because it's hard to describe progress in the poses without tediously describing them. But I'll give it a go.

In cobbler pose, a seated pose, I can now get my forehead to the floor. In crow pose, which is not a handstand but my hands are the only part touching the floor, I have gotten to where I can hold it over a minute. Others I'm trying, and I don't even know their names, let alone how to describe them in a few words.

Gabe Hartwig

Well, I'm all moved into my new apartment, which is within walking distance from the La Croix Trail. I now have no excuse for not exercising.

But you wouldn't know that by glancing at my points for last week. Pitiful.

As promised, though, I have been preparing more meals for myself, instead of dining out all the time. Just yesterday I used my handy new George Foreman Grill to prepare some chicken for lunch.

However, when I attempted to order something moderately healthy in the McDonald's drive-thru on Saturday, I was upset to learn that the Grilled Chicken Flatbread is no longer available. Just when I had become attached to it, they took it away from me.

More motivation to cook for myself.

Laura Johnston

Shape Up Cape has changed my life in subtle, but noticeable, ways, since it began in May.

I'm exercising, which is the biggest change. I used to talk about exercising, but now I'm really doing it. And I've been able to encourage other nonparticipants to exercise with me. About once each week I walk with a friend who isn't worried about collecting points, and that's refreshing.

I have even convinced my brother that he needs to start exercising. Of course, it helped that his doctor said the same thing. Now he's working on moving from conviction to action.

In the past three months, I have made some changes in my diet, also. I'm eating better, which means less frequent trips to fast-food restaurants and more fresh vegetables and food I prepare at home.

I still have a way to go, but some steps in the right direction are better than none.

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