Out of the past 8/22/02

Thursday, August 22, 2002

10 years ago: Aug. 22, 1992

UPR Missouri, Inc., has dissolved, but one job remains before closing out books on what was supposed to be waste tire recycling industry in Cape Girardeau; Bruce D. Stansil, who was involved with corporation when it was founded little more than year ago, has agreed to remove tires that had been obtained for new business from warehouse located in Nash Road area.

Jackson - After losing close race for re-election in Republican primary two weeks ago, longtime County Associate Commissioner Leonard Sander says he plans to focus his efforts next four months on trying to finish projects he has started.

25 years ago: Aug. 22, 1977

One of real pains in starting back to school is registration; long lines form outside Kent Library on Southeast Missouri State University campus in morning as process for those who weren't pre-enrolled begins.

New Madrid - Early-morning fire destroys New Madrid County Jail, but damage to records and evidence kept in jail is minimal, thanks to prisoners' helping in rescue efforts; of 14 prisoners in jail, only one, a 16-year-old juvenile from Portageville, being detained for auto theft, escapes during fire and resulting confusion.

50 years ago: Aug. 22, 1952

Number of municipal projects, under way or planned, have ground to halt for lack of engineering in aftermath of city council's acceptance of resignation of John R. Walther from his 18-year post as city engineer; in addition, questions of scores of people telephoning engineering office for information on problems relating to surveys, streets, sewers, water lines and similar items are going unanswered.

Humane Society Officer George Burns is bitten by dog suspected of being rabid; he takes animal to Humane Society shelter in Arena Park, and it will be kept in isolation and under observation for 10 days; Burns has taken rabies treatment twice - once in 1948 and again last month.

75 years ago: Aug. 22, 1927

Automatic printing telegraph machine, which will bring between 16,000 and 25,000 words of world news to this newspaper every day is being installed by The Southeast Missourian for service starting Sept. 5; cooperating with The Associated Press in effort to secure greater volume of state, national and world news, The Missourian, will install printer so as to give its readers same news service which heretofore was possible only in larger metropolitan cities.

Elam Vangilder, pitcher for St. Louis Browns, American League club, is down from St. Louis to spend few days visiting relatives and friends; Vangilder and his wife are accepting congratulations on arrival of their new daughter, Betty Lou, born Aug. 6.

- Sharon K. Sanders

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