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Thursday, August 22, 2002

Comparing mosquitoes

TO ALL those people who do not appreciate the city spraying for mosquitoes: If you have ever been to northern Minnesota during the summer, you could not compare between here and there. In northern Minnesota, they do not spray for mosquitoes because they cannot afford it. There are so many more mosquitoes there than in Cape.

Stop diverting funds

I HAVE to agree with most of Jack Stapleton's column relative to the failure of Proposition B. Stapleton is right about the lukewarm support the proposition got from the state legislators and the governor. Are we distrustful of Missouri government? Yes. The current governor and his two Democratic predecessors, as well as the legislature, failed to stop the diversion of transportation funds to other unrelated departments. In fact, they all talk about it but fail to do anything about it. When they finally get up the courage to stop the diversion of funds and take politics out of the highway commission, then I will vote for a tax increase. Not before.

Let Jack do it

NEEDLESS TO say, state Sen. Peter Kinder's alleged meltdown of the Show Me State into a socio-economic sewer caught my eye. Ironically, Kinder's concern over who might reverse our descent is unfounded. The answer was right there on the Opinion page on the same day as Kinder's doomsday scenario. When it comes to Missouri's problems and solutions, he is the most knowledgeable person around. He is also astute about political matters and could get things done. Though Kinder may disagree, Missouri's savior could and should be Jack Stapleton.

Jackson eyesore

JACKSON IS the "City of Beautiful Homes, Schools, Churches, and Parks." It is not the "City of Smelly Falling Down Buildings With Broken Glass All Over the Sidewalk." Why is the building on the corner of Main and Missouri allowed to sit in such disrepair? For months the windows have been broken out, with the glass strewn like dangerous confetti on the sidewalk. The only visible action taken has been boarding up the doors. This is not exactly the environment we should be cultivating in downtown Jackson across from our own city hall and library.

Different party

THE DIFFERENCE between the White House sleep-over during the Clinton administration and those in the Bush administration is that those campaign contributors and fund raisers who spend the night in the Bush White House are Republicans.

Insult to Reagan

DAVID LIMBAUGH'S sweeping generalization that "Hollywood hotshots ... do not deserve to be taken seriously" is an appalling insult to President Reagan.

Schools or roads?

I DON'T think a lottery for Missouri's highways would work. The lottery already gives that money to schools. Which would you rather have suffer: schools or roads?

We're all just people

IN REFERENCE to "Not the chosen people," I am so sick of people referring to each other as Republicans or Democrats, liberals and conservatives. How about referring to people as people?

Never forget

FIRST THEY begged and got the biggest increase in property taxes the Cape Girardeau School District ever saw. Then they started begging for contributions. Now they are going to raise our property taxes again, and this time they are going to do it without a vote. It just goes to show that they are not interested in education, only our hard-earned money. We will never forget how they did this.

Result, not a cause

I AGREE with a Speak Out caller that conservatives aren't greedy because they oppose a social program for the elderly. That is a result of their greediness, not a cause.

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