Carwash suspects arrested despite clean getaway

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

DEXTER, Mo. -- Despite the cleanest getaway in memory, four people were arrested in connection with the robbery of a Dexter carwash Monday morning.

The Dexter police haven't released any details of the case pending the issue of warrants, but a witness helped fill in some blanks.

Clifton Jolliff, an employee of Pro Wash Carwash in Dexter, usually spends his time washing down vehicles before they enter the automated carwash.

Jolliff said a woman, a regular customer, pulled up Monday with three other men and proceeded to help Jolliff wash the vehicle.

"She's been coming here at least once every two weeks, and she always helps me scrub the car," Jolliff said.

Apparently, while Jolliff's back was turned, someone opened the door to his office and emptied his cash drawer.

But for whatever reason, the four people decided not to drive away. Instead they went through the automated carwash and finished the job Jolliff started.

But they didn't count on Jolliff coming back so soon and finding the cash drawer open.

He went next door to Pro Lube and called police, giving a description of the four people and the car, which had personalized license plates.

A Pro Lube employee ran over and attempted to stop the car, which had just started to leave the carwash.

According to Jolliff, acting police chief Paul Haubold apprehended the suspects on Business Highway 60.

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