Teen accidentally shot by friend

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

MARTHASVILLE, Mo. -- A 14-year-old eastern Missouri boy was killed after his best friend accidentally shot him with a revolver, police said.

Kevin David Shortt of Marthasville died Friday afternoon. His friend, a 15-year-old who lives in Chesterfield, Mo., remained in juvenile custody while investigators reviewed the case.

"This is just a tragic, tragic incident," said Maj. Kevin Harrison of the Warren County Sheriff's Department.

He said that the boys had grown up together and their parents were good friends. Harrison said that on Friday, Kevin, his friend, and Kevin's sister, 10, were alone at the Shortt home.

Shortt's father, David, had several guns at the house, Harrison said.

The parents had apparently talked to the boys about gun safety, and the Shortts only allowed them to use guns when an adult was present. In fact, a note Shortt's mother Sheila left for her son that morning specifically said, "No guns," Harrison said.

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