Out of the past 8/17/02

Saturday, August 17, 2002

10 years ago: Aug. 17, 1992

Broadcasting pioneer Oscar C. Hirsch of Cape Girardeau, who founded first radio and television stations in region, dies at local hospital at age of 96; he is survived by his wife, former Geraldine Fitzgerald; two sons, one daughter, and one sister.

From monetary standpoint, damage isn't great - about $1,000; but vandals who smashed and broke glass doors and windows and trashed and littered two classrooms, shrubs and small trees at Franklin School over weekend did lot of damage psychologically; vandalism is discovered by custodian Harvey Criddle when he arrives for work at 6 a.m.; it is believed damage was done between 9 last night and early today.

25 years ago: Aug. 17, 1977

Formal proposal that city take over operation of Jaycee Golf Course was submitted Tuesday by Jaycees to city council; Jaycees declined to disclose terms of proposal, and council members discussed it privately at their study session that night.

Illmo - Construction of overpass at dangerous railroad crossing, now in progress, presents many of same obstacles to workers that necessitated project in first place; about 40 trains a day pass through Illmo where car-train accidents at Cotton Belt and Missouri Pacific tracks have claimed many lives; traffic delays while trains pass run as long as 20 minutes at crossing and this, project engineers say, will be one of major problems in building overpass.

50 years ago: Aug. 17, 1952

Dean John B. Alexander of Culver-Stockton College of Canton delivers message at First Christian Church; his topic is "While God is Near"; number of guest speakers are filling pulpit at First Christian while the Rev. Frank S. Wilfinger, pastor, is away as chaplain with 140th Infantry, Missouri National Guard, at Camp Ripley, Minn.

Because of inadequate seating space in temporary church at 138 Pearl Street, services of Bible Baptist Church have been moved to unfinished church building at corner of North Water and Roberts streets; according to pastor, the Rev. William F. Chappel, building has roof and sheeting on sides, but it will be some time before interior is completed.

75 years ago: Aug. 17, 1927

Total of 128,129 people were living on farms in 1925 in nine Southeast Missouri counties, and their land and building values aggregated $36,627,469 during same year, according to agricultural census bulletin for 1925; land harvested during same year in same counties was 1,204,957 acres.

Zalma - Frantic, 22-hour search for Johnny Gribble, 2 1/2-year-old son of Albert Gribble, ended Tuesday with finding of child one and a half miles from John Gribble home, 12 miles west of Zalma; neighboring farmer, Jeff Hardesty, found youngster asleep near log.

- Sharon K. Sanders

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