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Saturday, August 17, 2002

Indoor track not closing

AS FAR as I know, the indoor track at the Rec Center at Southeast has never been in danger of closing. It's the outdoor track at SEMO that is in danger of being closed to the public, not the indoor one.

Lotteries for roads

A LOTTERY for roads sounds like a pretty good idea Maybe any new lottery games could be used for the roads. Toll roads? I don't think so. With the money that a lot of people spend on the lottery, it should help to pay for the roads all by themselves without the necessity of a toll road. I'm totally against the toll-road concept.

Dividing us up

AS LONG as David Limbaugh and others can neatly divide everybody and everything into liberal vs. conservative, then they have a lot to write about. But that division is mostly a smoke screen that covers what really is the fundamental tension in the nation. And that is extremism vs. moderation. This includes the tension between the wealthy and powerful in the extreme and the rest of us of moderate means and power. By staying focused on liberal vs. conservative, the rest of us remain hampered by the government and politics, while the wealthy and powerful continue to manipulate the politics and the government in ways that increase their wealth and power. This is not a call for the redistribution of wealth, just a reminder that "the masters make the rules for the wise men and the fools."

Not chosen people

MY HUSBAND and I are Democrats, voters at every election and do not want more taxes. I resent the implication made by a Republican in the Speak Out column on Aug. 11. The Republican Party is not the chosen people -- Biblically speaking.

Saying no to taxes

I WOULD like to make a comment on the Speak Out caller who said he thinks Bill Clinton could win another election if he could run again. I don't think so. Look at Proposition B. I believe it was a majority of Republicans who voted and said no new taxes. Clinton raised more taxes. Therefore, I believe Clinton wouldn't win. People do not want more taxes.

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