Letter to the Editor

Scott City case raises questions about police work

Saturday, August 17, 2002

To the editor:

I am very disappointed with the way the local law enforcement does work in Scott City, Mo. Why did it take so long for officials to file first-degree murder charges? Haven't they ever investigated a stabbing? Could they not see that a stabbing of this severity is premeditated 99 percent of the time, especially to the extent of the amount of times the victim was stabbed? Did they even look for the murder weapon, or didn't they care to find it? Without a murder weapon, how could they possibly think they could even come close to justice prevailing in a situation of this magnitude? Sounds to me like sloppy police work. Apparently they don't know what a thorough complete investigation is. Maybe they need to go back to school to learn what a thorough and complete investigation entails.


Kempner, Texas