Sunday, August 4, 2002

Not so good

I THINK the trade that the St. Louis Cardinals recently made was not good. Polanco was too good of an overall player at different positions. And to give up Timlin and Bud Smith also was just too much for what we will be losing.

Is Joe back?

IN THE paper, you reported that Joe DiMaggio was one of the speakers at a program honoring Ted Williams. I was curious. Was that a taped address that Joe DiMaggio gave since I believe he passed away several years ago?

Good catch of a bad mistake. The DiMaggio who spoke was actually Dom, who, as far as we know, remains alive and well.

Nice move, Cards

GOOD TRADE by the Cardinals. I hate to see Polanco go. They still need a front line pitcher

Careful, Indians

OH MY God! Is the Southeast football program going to make the same mistake that the Southeast basketball program did last year? Is there a shortage of ball players that can play ball, pass their classes and appreciate a college education or is Southeast just looking in the wrong place?

He's no Dickie V.

THANK GOD Mike Martz is no Dick Vermeil. Vermeil won his last Super Bowl thanks to Martz. If they think Vermeil is such a good coach, just what was his record last year with his amazing Chiefs?

Welcome wifflers

JAMIE HALL'S wonderful piece on the wiffleball boys of summer is worthy of wide recognition, as are the boys themselves.

Fantastic umps

I'M CALLING about umpires in Jackson Little League. Why don't the umpires that work the tournaments work the regular season? The tournament umpires are fantastic. Bring the umpires of the tournaments to the rec league ball. You'll probably have to pay them more but you get what you pay for.

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