Out of the past 7/29/02

Monday, July 29, 2002

10 years ago: July 29, 1992

Missouri Gov. John Ashcroft's veto of legislation that would have changed number of judicial procedures has left unresolved legal issue surrounding disqualification of municipal court judges; situation may prompt Cape Girardeau City Council to consider hiring second municipal court judge to handle cases in which Municipal Judge Edward Calvin has been disqualified.

Jackson - New housing starts in Jackson continued at better than average pace during first half of 1992; permits for 30 houses worth $2,216,300 were issued during six-month period ending June 30; at this time last year, 37 permits had been issued for housing worth $2,213,600.

25 years ago: July 29, 1977

It appears that for some of ducks transplanted from Capaha Park, new stomping grounds just don't compare with Home Sweet Home; Monday group of six birds was spotted by resident near Jefferson School, headed in direction of lagoon; ducks had evidently decided to leave their new home at Cherokee Park in search of greener grass or bluer water.

In effort to ease parking problems on campus, Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents has approved plan to limit parking on one side of Normal boulevard in each line of traffic and to install parking meters; this will be done after two large parking lots under development are completed.

50 years ago: July 29, 1952

Respite from terrific heat - although it may be brief - comes to Cape Girardeau and district after temperature yesterday topped out at 107 degrees; relief comes in form of cool front from northwest; how long respite period will be is hard to say; Monday's plus 100 reading was 10th time mercury has reached or passed century park this season and third day in a row.

Business building on South Spanish street, occupied by two business firms and osteopath, is badly damaged by fire in afternoon; occupying building are Summers Sports Shop, 30 S. Spanish; office of Dr. N.J. Newell, 28 S. Spanish, and Craftsman Printing Co., 32 S. Spanish.

75 years ago: July 29, 1927

General plans for new Hotel Marquette, to be built at corner of Broadway and Fountain, were approved by board of directors of Cape Girardeau Hotel Co. yesterday; while a few modifications were made, general plans, as drawn by Manske & Bartling, architects, were approved.

Richard R. Metje, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Metje of Cape Girardeau, died at hospital at Bloomington, Ill., yesterday of injuries suffered hours earlier when he attempted to board train at that place; youth was on his way to Detroit, where he had been promised employment; he attempted to board fast moving Chicago and Alton freight train, but was thrown underneath wheels of train when he lost his grip.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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