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Saturday, July 27, 2002

Movie critique

THE HYPE says "Road to Perdition" is the best movie so far this year. Certainly "K-19" is as good or better. Harrison Ford does an A-plus job in this flick. What makes this movie good is that it teaches your children courage. I heard one set of parents complaining that the movie theater wouldn't allow them to leave their kids to watch "Road to Perdition." This movie is a very violent flick. Shame on parents who would leave their kids to watch this flick where brains are splattered on walls. They'd be much better off taking their children to shows that promote courage.

Diabetic support

I WOULD Like to compliment St. Francis Medical Center and the people who work with the diabetic support group. I think they do a good job and they give a lot of support for everyone who attends. They always have good speakers and good information. I hope they will continue to have this help for all who need it.

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