Mistakes made by Christians discussed

Saturday, July 27, 2002

Christians sometimes forget that their faith doesn't make them immune from mistakes. But making mistakes also means taking an opportunity to learn from them.

Shane Rosenthal, a Cape Girardeau resident, is presenting a seminar on the top 10 mistakes Christians make. The free seminar will be held on Friday nights in August, beginning at 7 p.m. Aug. 2 at the Osage Community Centre.

Rosenthal said people don't need to be theologians or Bible scholars to benefit from the seminars. But they must be prepared to confront the mistakes made in the way they read the Bible, treat non-Christians or even the way they think about God.

A graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary in California, Rosenthal is interested in learning how the church is dealing with the transition from traditional worship to more contemporary styles. He's particularly interested in Cape Girardeau's response, as a better understanding to the American church.

Changes in pop culture, and emphasis on marketing have made churches focus more on drawing people in rather than sharing the Gospel message, Rosenthal said.

Some contemporary services can "be a lot of fun because it's entertaining but there's not a lot of substance," he said.

About marketing

Church has become marketing to the masses, but doesn't give people what they need, Rosenthal said. People living a generation ago would have been shocked at how little people know about the Bible.

Rosenthal has been polling people about their knowledge of the Bible and particularly the Ten Commandments. Few people can actually name all Ten Commandments though they believe they are important, he said.

Christians today are focusing more on themselves and little on their knowledge of Scripture or understanding of God, Rosenthal said.

He is studying the tension between contemporary and traditional worship styles in the church and how that tension is playing out in middle America. He is filming a documentary titled "Crisis in Contemporary Christianity."


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