Police - Robbery incident led to toddler's kidnapping

Friday, July 26, 2002

ATLANTA -- A woman was charged Thursday with taking part in a robbery that ended with the abduction of her 14-month-old daughter from the mother's home, police said.

Dionna Scott, 18, was also charged with kidnapping, but in connection with the abduction of her boyfriend, not the girl, police said.

Scott turned up at a police station Wednesday with her daughter one day after masked robbers kidnapped the child and stole a safe. Demecia L. Scott was unharmed and turned over to child welfare officials.

Besides the robbery charge, the mother is charged with kidnapping boyfriend Willie Parks, 41, said police spokesman Sgt. John Quigley. Parks was burned with an iron and beaten until he revealed the safe's combination before he was abducted, Quigley said.

The two masked men and a woman took the toddler along with a safe containing at least $10,000 Tuesday night, Quigley said. Police believe the kidnappers returned Demecia to her mother.

"The principle motive appears to be robbery," he said. "It appears the folks were interested in the money in the safe."

Two other suspects were arrested Thursday and the fourth was being sought, Quigley said.

Parks was being treated for burns and a broken jaw.

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