Everybody's a critic - 'K-19 -the Widowmaker'

Friday, July 26, 2002


I will start out and say that I, too, had heard all the praise about this movie: "An epic motion picture", "A tribute to the indomitable spirit of man"..." Liam Neeson and Harrison Ford should get the Oscar nod!" Nod. That would have been me you heard snoring in the back row.

This movie is beautifully acted, historically correct in its background details, has dramatic cinematography and a solid director. This is a niche movie. If you are a Navy buff, History Channel fan, remember the actual K-19 or are just a lover of seeing hot sweaty men in tight confined spaces (Who doesn't?), then go see this movie. Movies are about how they make you feel, but I didn't feel any emotional connection to this one.

But if you are a girly girl like me, you will be someplace else other than this movie. Is the "Croc Hunter" still playing?

-- Rhon Abraham, certified nurse's assistant

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