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Friday, July 26, 2002

Bad place for signals

I'M CALLING about the new traffic signals going in at Sprigg and Normal streets. If the city and the university are both broke, how can they afford $147,000 for stop lights? It's going to be extremely dangerous to have a light there, especially in bad weather. In good weather, people will come over either one of those hills on Sprigg and slam people in the rear because it's an illogical place for a stoplight. There are too many wrecks there now. Again, the city's paying most of the bill for something the university wants. They should have put a walkover there for the university people to walk across the street.

Reason to crack down

I GOT a ticket on Mount Auburn Road for doing 7 mph over the speed limit and was informed the police would be cracking down on reckless drivers on that road. The next week, I was almost hit by a blue-haired woman driving a Lincoln backward down the road in my lane. So, let's go.

Thanks for groceries

RECENTLY WE were shopping at Aldi's and found about one hour later that we had left a rather large sack of groceries on the counter. We returned to the store, and our faith in humanity was restored. Someone had been kind enough to return the groceries so the store could return them to us.

Barking and fireworks

I'M A little troubled by someone complaining about the Fourth of July fireworks. If you take notice, you don't hear them now because we have an ordinance prohibiting them after the holiday. What's really unfortunate is we don't have an ordinance against barking dogs. You can still hear them barking 24 hours a day.

Where the money goes

THIS IS about Proposition B. I'd advise voters to remember what happened to the money on the last gasoline tax increase. Not nearly all of it goes to the highways as it should. Think twice before voting for it.

Plain hogwash

SOME POOR Speak Out caller is still whining about Chelsea Clinton being treated differently by the media than Gov. Jeb Bush's daughter. What difference does this make to the conduct or policy of government or everyday life? What meaningless hogwash.

Time to go crazy

REMEMBER THE beautiful grassy area between the wide steps leading from the riverfront up to the St. Louis arch? I just saw on the St. Louis news that over $2 million is being spent to concrete that space. One of the main reasons for doing this is when you take a picture of the arch, your photo will be centered. When I watched the so-called dignitaries standing at the podium under the arch dedicating this project, I was reminded of the words of the legendary Jack Buck: "Go crazy, folks. Go crazy."

Seeking absolutes

David Limbaugh is always paying homage to moral absolutism as opposed to moral relativism. I challenge Limbaugh to list 10 moral principles from which there should be no deviation under any circumstances. Careful now.

Sticks like glue

Future historians will long ponder why Teflon served Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton so well but utterly failed the Bushes.

Drudge caution

Although Drudge's muckraking is inherently despicable and malevolent, his Web site does have links to some good columnists: Dave Barry, David Broder, Richard Cohen, Maureen Dowd, Christopher Hitchens and Molly Ivins. But there are a lot of bad links on there as well: L. Brent Bozell, John Fund, Larry Kudlow, Bob Novak and Kate O'Beirne. Those who access the site should be very careful.

Fire truck driver

I WOULD like to compliment the driver of fire truck No. 114. Recently I saw him driving on Route K. He was such a courteous and helpful driver. I really think the fire department has an excellent employee, whoever was driving fire truck No. 114.

As far as business is concerned, remember when Christ chased the money changers from the temple. Also, he says when you pray, you should go in your closet. You can practice Christian principles within your business, but being overtly religious does not mean being Christian.

Make them pay

IF OUR legislators and president don't stop hollering loud and start doing something about these directors and CEOs who lie to the people about company earnings, I will not vote for any of them. They have got to get these people and give them 10 to 20 years of prison time and take all of their ill-gotten earnings from all members of their families. There can be no exceptions.

I'M SO happy that none of my Social Security went to the stock market for reinvestment. Am I the only one who remembers that bit of wisdom coming from the Republican Party? At least my money is safe for now.

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