Letter to the Editor

Rural opposition has little to lose on Proposition B

Friday, July 26, 2002

To the editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, St. Louis resident Tom Stevener proclaimed, "The buck stops here," and added that the increased taxes from Proposition B would only hurt "for a little while."

Stevener shares a different perspective than most of us. He is from St. Louis where most of the money for transportation goes anyway. I am sure he enthusiastically supports Proposition B. Recent commercials promoting the tax increase claim the money will be distributed evenly, then go on to say specifically I-55 and U.S. 60. They also inform us that the money can't be spent on anything else -- after saying Proposition B will help secure more funding for the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is just as incapable of following through with the grand promises that this tax increase will supposedly bring as it was with the 15-year plan.

All we received from the 15-year plan was higher fuel cost, which we are still paying for. Rural Missourians can expect more of the same from this latest proposition. With all due respect to Stevener, the buck stops with those trying to intimidate rural Missourians into voting for Proposition B. After all, we have nothing to lose by voting against it.


Marble Hill, Mo.