Letter to the Editor

Area businesses get high marks from Cape visitor

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

To the editor:

I recently visited Cape Girardeau for the first time to attend my family's reunion, which was great. But the purpose of this letter is to salute three businesses that stand out as exceptional in service. Many times we have a tendency to overlook supporting business in our communities unless someone from the outside calls attention to them.

I was particularly impressed with the service, personalities and provisions provided by Drury Inn & Suites and Tractors in Jackson, Mo., and Pokey's Pub & Grill in Pocahontas, Mo. Each of these businesses provided service above the norm of today's establishments. The home-spun honesty flowed through the personnel of each establishment.

I have traveled the entire United States over the past 35 years. Over those years, service and personal touches have disappeared compared to what they were. But these businesses brought back a refreshing feeling and renewed my faith in the power of great attitudes.

I know you are proud of all your businesses. I can only speak of these three from my recent experience. Please recognize these community builders and allow them to shine, even for just a few moments, for performances above expectations.


Technical Publications Department

Club Car Inc.

Augusta, Ga.