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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Mooing-cow pollution

I WOULDN'T move to Jackson to get away from dogs barking. I live next to a herd of cows. Their constant mooing all hours of the night keeps me and my family awake. Isn't there some kind of city ordinance against loud cows?

Computer alternatives

TO THE person who says computer art is not art: I guess people who are not able to use all of their limbs properly because of a disease or an accident and rely on a computer for art aren't considered artists. I guess people who are in a wheelchair and play basketball aren't considered athletes because they're not running.

Divisive writer

ANN COULTER has liberals all in a snit, according to David Limbaugh, who made mention of her book in a recent column. Well, that may be, but I think the confrontational and controversial Coulter has had an even more divisive effect among conservatives. For example, the guys who work at National Review, the bible of conservatism, are to Coulter "girly boys." I would speculate that Limbaugh's endorsement of the book was begrudging at best.

Throwing in towel

I CAN'T believe it. Peter Kinder's "if not in Missouri, then in another state" statement concerning the school-choice issue seems a clear signal that he has already thrown in the towel in getting meaningful school-choice legislation in the Show Me State.

Prop B endorsement

THANK YOU for your editorial endorsement of Proposition B, a good plan to improve Missouri's roadways. In addition, you deserve high praise for taking the Farm Bureau and Missouri's posturing pols to task for lacking the courage to express their real convictions on this most important issue.

For news junkies

A SPEAK Out caller said the Southeast Missourian was a reliable Internet source and the Drudge Report was not. The Drudge Report is overwhelmingly linked to articles in other publications. Does this caller believe these links are not valid? Does Drudge make them up out of his imagination? I do agree about semissourian.com. It is a valuable news source for this news junkie.

Using the track

I'VE BEEN walking at SEMO's outdoor track for several years. I went up to walk today, and there were signs telling me what lanes to walk in. That was fine, I can handle that. However, while I was there I was told by someone who worked at the track that SEMO officials have been considering closing the track to everyone except the track teams, because other people who use the track cause too much wear and tear. As an alumni and townsperson, I feel that this is very unfair. It is a great place to walk, and I'm sure that all of us townspeople who walk there pay enough taxes to have this taken care of.

WHILE I was walking in the Jackson Park, I observed something that bothered me greatly. Vans unloaded about 20 little kids down by the creek, and they were all in the creek playing and swimming around in the water, which looked very stagnant to me. That creek drains cattle lots from Fruitland and cesspools all along. There are dead animals in that creek. It gets the chemicals that run off from the farmers' fields. I just wonder if the parents of those children know where they're being taken during the day. I wanted to call the health department and have this checked on, but I couldn't find the health department's number in the phone book. I just wanted to alert parents about what's going on.

A dull place

I TOO feel the famous people's drawings on the floodwall are a disgrace. Not long ago a boat came in, and there wasn't anyone to assist the visitors. All my life I've heard different things about what they're going to do downtown, but I don't get excited about it now. People say Cape is conservative. I say it's dull and way behind in times.

Take the blame

WE CANNOT blame corporate fraud, hot weather, pesky flies, mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks, tall weeds, warts, pimples and dandruff on George Bush. But the shaky stock market and the poor economy are Bush's fault. Before he became president, he ran around the country yelling "Recession is coming" because he wanted to get a tax package through to make the rich people in the country richer. This destroyed consumer confidence. Republicans always believe if you do the job, you take the blame. Well, let him take the blame, because it is his fault.

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