Out of the past 7/20/02

Saturday, July 20, 2002

10 years ago: July 20, 1992

Cape Girardeau officials are recommending changes in a construction trades licensing law that was adopted nine months ago; the city council will consider changes, which were ironed out in months subsequent to council's adoption of licensing rules last October after five months of debate.

Wendel Pugh of Idaho Springs, Colo., Larry Weatherford of Carbondale, Ill., and Lee Contreras of San Antonio, Texas, begin painting Jack Wells bicentennial mural on the side of a building at Broadway and Fountain, after spending several days drawing patterns; if weather cooperates, the painting should be finished in about one week.

25 years ago: July 20, 1977

Competition for teaching positions in Cape Girardeau Public Schools is tough, and the superintendent of schools says well-qualified applicants are being turned away because there are no jobs for them; Dr. Arthur H. Turner says few positions were available in the district as of May 30, and teacher recruiting is limited to searches for a few specialized positions in the system.

A Cape Girardeau child, Lana K. Fox, 6, was killed yesterday in Hoxie, Ark., while visiting her great-grandparents; the accident occurred about 3:30 p.m., when a tricycle she was riding hit the edge of the street, and she was struck by a car; she was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fox of Cape Girardeau.

50 years ago: July 20, 1952

In past six months South Side Baptist Church has waged a special drive to pay off its church debt of $1,100; the pastor, the Rev. A.J. Langston, reports response has been good, and debt has been reduced to $500.

Heat and Paducah's state champions put an end to an amazing streak of 54 victories last night at Paducah; for first time since midway through the 1950 season, the Broadway team of Girls Softball League was unable to come out on top at end of score; Broadway left 10 runners stranded and that, plus three costly errors, were the main reasons for loss.

75 years ago: July 20, 1927

Hail, accompanying a heavy rain storm which swept over sections of Cape Girardeau and Scott counties, did considerable damage to crops south and west of Oran; growing corn and pea crops in a section one quarter of a mile wide and extending from near Randles in Cape Girardeau County to near Oran were damaged by hail, which stripped off leaves and in some instances mowed down vegetation.

"Aunt Mary" Dempsey is buried at Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis; she died in St. Louis Monday at 81; she was born in Cape Girardeau and was the only surviving member of a family of three children, her brother and sister having been Patrick H. Dempsey of Cape Girardeau and Mrs. Margaret E. Connelly of St. Louis; she had resided in St. Louis since 1917.

- Sharon K. Sanders

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