Letter to the Editor

CHS fund raising jogs memory of a wrestler

Saturday, July 20, 2002

To the editor:

"Write an essay in which you recall an event in which you changed your mind. Describe why you held the first opinion and then, marshaling your reasons, tell us why you changed your mind."

We were having a conference, and he told me that after wrestling in high school for three years and coming to college with a wrestling scholarship, he was giving it up. "This Thanksgiving meal I'll be able to eat as much as I want the first time in three years. Wrestlers are always starving."

A good start, I said from my fat man's perspective. What else? How was your coach?

"I think he doesn't like me."

OK. What else? What about your teammates?

"They don't seem to like me either."

Were you pretty good at wrestling?

"That's another thing."

This happened years ago. Mercifully, I have forgotten names. But I recalled the event when I read that Central High School needs new wrestling mats.


Cape Girardeau