Scott City recovers from shocking mayhem

Saturday, July 20, 2002

Scott City is known for a small-town way of life and neighbors who know and care about each other.

Many residents live in Scott City and work in Cape Girardeau because they embrace small-town values.

All of this made it so much more shocking when Scott City was the site of two brutal incidents last week.

First, a teen-ager was accused of stabbing his stepfather to death July 10 because the man wouldn't let him move back in. That case will make its way through the courts, a heartbreak for relatives involved with every legal motion and courtroom appearance.

Hours later, a troubled man violated a judge's order to stay away from his estranged wife. He shot her during a confrontation just outside their home and then killed himself while their three children were inside the home.

Scott City residents can take a small amount of comfort that police are not out looking for a suspect who might create fear of more mayhem. Otherwise, it will take time -- and a lot of reflection and prayer -- to get past the shock and disbelief.

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